Anything Goes: Developers On a Bus

It’s our biggest Developer Contest ever! This week, anything goes, and the prizes are huge: two seats on the Startup Bus, and tickets to SXSW! So bring your chops and submit your best Twilio app. Since the stakes are so high for this contest, we’re looking for something more than a Twilio app, we’re looking for Twilio ambassadors—someone to tweet, blog, record video, and generally represent… Read More

Billy Chasen Wins Anything Goes Contest with SMS-controlled Door Lock!

We’ve seen people use Twilio to build SMS applications that integrate with door buzzer systems to send the right touchtones to let people through locked doors. Billy Chasen took that concept to another level. He built a system that uses SMS to control a physical door lock via an embedded web server connected to a servo motor connected to the lock. Billy wrote a blog post talking… Read More

Use Twilio to Coordinate People for a Chance to Win a Kindle

UPDATE: We heard from many of you that the late start to this contest didn’t give you enough time to create an entry. We’ve decided to push the entry deadline back to this Sunday, January 30th at 11:59pm PT. The category for this week’s Twilio Developer Contest is Coordinating People. This category is near and dear to me personally as it was the contest category that… Read More

CueVox wins Twilio "Anything Goes, With a Twist!" Developer Contest

As one of our most popular use cases, we get a lot of contest entries for reminder services. However, we rarely get one written in Common Lisp. Mackram Raydan has changed that. Mackram is the founder of Cuevox, a simple appointment reminder for businesses. Mackram is also the winner of our “Anything Goes, With a Twist!” contest. Congratulations Mackram! You’ve won $100 in Twilio credit and… Read More

New Twilio Developer Contest: Anything Goes, With a Twist! (Ends Sunday 10/17)

This week’s contest category is another ‘Anything Goes’, but this time with a twist. Build anything you want with Twilio and you can enter it into this week’s contest. However, we spend a lot of time talking about Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, and .NET. But there are so many more languages and frameworks out there we wanted to dedicate a week to everything else. So while… Read More