Announcing Elastic SIP Trunking API

Twilio SIP Trunking

Today we are excited to add further programmatic access to Elastic SIP Trunking. You can now provision, configure, and modify Elastic SIP Trunks, URLs/Domain Names, Credential Lists, and IP Access Control Lists with the REST API. We hear from all sorts of customers interested in having more control of their trunks through a REST API, but we see the most interest from resellers and SaaS providers…. Read More

Send Branded SMS Messages Using Twilio Alphanumeric Sender ID


It’s been a few months since we hosted Signal (if you missed it, don’t forget that videos from all the sessions are available online) and in this post I wanted to spend some time exploring one of the announcements that I found pretty exciting: alphanumeric sender ID’s. Being based in the UK and traveling often in Europe I regularly receive SMS messages with a business name as… Read More

Kicking Off #TwilioSxSw Right With Old Friends, New Faces and A Stellar Community


South By Southwest is in full swing in Austin. DOers from all over flocked to #SxSw for parties, panels talks and more. We invited all comers from the tech community to have a drink, have a bite to eat and enjoy themselves at our Get.Down party with Box at Javelina Bar last night. Take a look at some of the video highlights from the night featuring… Read More

Discover The Full Power Of Twilio With New API Explorer Updates

Everything built here at Twilio aims to provide the best tools for developers to get the job done. From Helper Libraries to the API Explorer, these tools help you build powerful communications apps that are quick and easy to test and deploy. Now the API Explorer is even more robust with the ability to make API requests directly in your browser. Visit the API Explorer under… Read More

Votr Part 5: AngularJS and CRUD Using RESTful APIs

carter-rabasa-seattle-shirt-lo-res (1)

Join the conversation on Reddit! This is the fifth and final part in a series of blog posts about building a real-time SMS and voice voting application using Node.js. I began working on this application during some downtime at a Startup Weekend event back in the summer of 2012. It was both an excuse to learn Node and build a reusable app for something that my… Read More

Twilio Launches Telegram API in Partnership with TaskRabbit

At Twilio we strive to break down barriers to technology and empower developers with tools for innovation, which is why today is especially exciting as we introduce a brand new initiative in partnership with Taskrabbit. Today is the launch of Twilio Telegram, where you can use our simple REST API to send a telegram message and delivery all from within your app. Available now in all… Read More