Dynamic Extensions for Customer Support Follow Ups using Return2Me

We’ve all be there–Weeding through a labyrinth of menu options before we FINALLY get a support rep on the phone. Often, the feeling is fleeting, as we need to find some paperwork, documentation or some other detail that isn’t immediately on hand, and we’re told that we should call the support line again once the info is ready or the documentation is faxed over. What about a… Read More

Hacking LA

Last weekend, I helped organize API Hack Day LA. While the API Hack Day event has been making its rounds throughout the nation, this is the first time it’s come to Los Angeles. This was a special event for me because Los Angeles is where I call home—a home that’s tech scene has recently been the topic of debate. The day ran from 8 AM to… Read More

Portland API Hack Day Recap

Last week, among the caffeine-laden ruins of OSCON 2011, a number of geeks came together in a not-so-secret meeting at Urban Airship called API Hack Day. Powered by coffee, colorful donuts, tacos, coffee, pizza, and other tasty beverages, a number of champions rose from the ashes to demonstrate their prowess and creativity with some of the best APIs in the land. Three stood above the rest…. Read More