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QwikTalk: A Simple Way to get Expert Advice Using Twilio Voice

Josh Breinlinger had the idea for QwikTalk, a phone-based advice service, so he gotĀ together with developer Den Markin and together they built the service using…Full Article

Customer Support via SMS with Zendesk

A few weeks ago, I was given a challenge: Replace email with SMS for customer support using Zendesk. If you’re not familiar with Zendesk, it’s…Full Article

Announcing the Twilio API Explorer

Need a hand with that app? At Twilio we pride ourselves on simple, easy to use APIs with great documentation. We try our best to…Full Article

Portland API Hack Day Recap

Last week, among the caffeine-laden ruins of OSCON 2011, a number of geeks came together in a not-so-secret meeting at Urban Airship called API Hack…Full Article

Developers Used Twilio to Win Podio API Launch Hack Day

To celebrate the launch of their API, Podio organized a Hack Day to get a crowd of developers building apps using their API from day…Full Article

Isidorey Uses Twilio to Power Smart Pill Packages for Stora Enso

  Isidorey is a device cloud solutions provider that allows embedded devices to connect to the cloud using their platform. They provide a set of…Full Article

JustRemindIt Uses Twilio to Help You Forget About Forgetting

Wake up calls and appointment reminders just got easier to create and manage with the release of JustRemindIt’s iPhone application. Created by Aditya Kothadiya, JustRemindIt…Full Article

Win lunch with Albert, Fred and Brad from Union Square Ventures

It has been an exciting past couple weeks here at Twilio with the new API rolling out and yesterday’s lower pricing announcement. The Twilio community…Full Article

Announcing the New Twilio API Version 2010-04-01

Today we’re excited to announce the launch the first major revision to the Twilio APIs, incorporating over 100 improvements requested by thousands of members of…Full Article