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  • By Liz Moy
    5 Art Projects That Bring People Together Using Twilio APIs 5 Art Projects That Bring People Together Using Twilio APIs

    If you’ve ever wanted to build something creative or outside-the-box with Twilio, join Twilio + CODAME Art + Tech for a virtual creative build-a-thon on February 11-12. It’s free to participate, you don’t need any experience with Twilio, and you’ll get credits to play around with and build something fun. Sign up solo and meet other creatives to work with, or join as a team. You can find all of the information at CODAME, and get a free ticket here with an optional donation.

    The event will kick off with a few words from Ezra Reaves and Amy Langer of Tarot and Palm Theatre, and you’ll have a chance to get started on your project. On day two we’ll set you up with some Twilio engineers who can assist you in answering questions and troubleshooting. The event will culminate in a demo ceremony where you’ll show off …

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  • By Julia Makivic
    Make an Interactive Sculpture with Twilio Autopilot and Airtable sculpture.png

    In a previous tutorial, I described how to build a text-based messaging game using Twilio Autopilot, Facebook Messenger, and Airtable.

    Now, it’s time to bring that data into the real world, with a creative display of all the data from Twilio Autopilot that is being stored in the Airtable database.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how you can make a small internet-connected sculpture that displays how players respond to each question stored in the Autopilot task. You’ll use a wifi-enabled microcontroller to read data from Airtable and to display the data on a small LCD screen that would be embedded in the sculpture.

    Photo of finished sculpture

    Seeing live results from the game displayed on the sculpture makes me feel more connected to the anonymous players playing the game during a time where most of us are communicating through digital means.

    I made the sculpture out of polymer clay with an embedded circuit …

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  • By Twilio
    To Save The Poet of El Barrio, mGive Twilio and Heroku Join Forces to Launch Hotline Twilio Bug Logo

    Dial (630) 4-A-Rhyme or (630) 427-4963 to listen to some poems. Text “poetry” to 80077 to make a $5 donation to support public poetry

    Papoleto3On Friday, February 8, I read a heart-breaking story in the New York Times. Jesus “Papoleto” Melendez (pictured right), the poet and prophet of El Barrio, was about to be evicted. In some ways, the misfortune that befell the bard of Spanish Harlem was a typical story. His unemployment checks had run out and job prospects for a 62-year-old poet, no matter his lifetime achievements, were not bright.

    I checked out his website, which was full of his poems. “I wish I could hear him read these,” I thought. While I love poems on a page, there is a power in their performance that can’t be matched. That’s when the idea hit me: Why not create a poetry hotline of Papoleto’s poems that could also collect …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Art, Data and Building Trees from Texts: Tracing The Roots of (x)Tree Twilio Bug Logo
    Agnes Chavez

    When you think of text messaging, art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, where some see texts, others see art. Agnes Chavez is a multi disciplinary artist making SMS in to much more than just text, with the help of creative coder and sound designer, Alessandro Saccoia.

    Agnes is a graduate of the California College of Arts working on her latest project, (x)Tree, an exploration of data visualization, and video mapping.

    (x)Tree uses algorithms to create a tree-like image as opposed to a realistic interpretation of the tree, by using data from Twitter, SMS messages and added phrases on the topic of saving trees. A visual tree is created until full maturation, then regenerated to begin again. The work focuses on a bigger theme of the value of trees and keeping them safe in the ecosystem. The exhibit is interactive, so users can send …

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