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To Save The Poet of El Barrio, mGive Twilio and Heroku Join Forces to Launch Hotline

Dial (630) 4-A-Rhyme or (630) 427-4963  to listen to some poems. Text “poetry” to 80077 to make a $5 donation to support public poetry On…Full Article

Coding In Color: Boston’s Light Blades Change Color via Twilio SMS

The Light Blades may resemble ships’ masts but they act much differently. The six gigantic steel structures, designed by artist Dennis Carmichael, overlook the Boston…Full Article

Art, Data and Building Trees from Texts: Tracing The Roots of (x)Tree

When you think of text messaging, art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, where some see texts, others see art. Agnes Chavez is…Full Article