Making an SMS Birthday Card with Python and Flask

My friend Sonya turned 30 this past weekend and I wanted to whip up something heartfelt and crafty to herald the glorious conclusion of her twenties.  Given that my competency with glue guns and popsicle sticks is lower than Lee Evans’ current self-esteem, I was left with two options: Buy something on Etsy and pass it off as my own. Cut some code. Since Sonya possesses one… Read More

Twilio Celebrates: Three Years of Telephony in the Hands of the People

Members of the Twilio community, including many of our long-time customers, gathered with employees to celebrate the birth of the Twilio API. It was an evening to catch up with friends and colleagues, and a celebration of how much we’ve all grown in the past three years. Three years ago on November 20th, the Twilio API launched into the world, with a Rick Roll,and the intention of… Read More

TechCrunch 5th Birthday Party at Twilio HQ

Last Friday we hosted the San Francisco edition of TechCrunch’s 5 year anniversary party. TechCrunch crowd sourced the event using Meetup Everywhere which garnered them a whopping 459 meetups worldwide! We welcomed over 500 people to Twilio HQ to enjoy trivia, games, food, drinks, dancing and a special Mike Arrington cake. A few highlights included a sick DJ, cool demos, and general startup chat. The party… Read More