Washio Brings You Ninja-Delivered Laundry, Twilio Powered SMS Notifications

Imagine for a moment that you never have to deal with laundry or dry cleaning again. Instead, ninjas deliver washed and folded laundry straight to your door. Washio CEO and Founder Jordan Metzner (pictured right) is working to make this fantasy a reality. He’s reimagined our peskiest chore, and his version has more cookies, more ninjas, more texts and much less work. He’s also giving special… Read More

Jeff Lawson Builds An App In 5 Minutes Using Twilio and IBM’s Cloud Platform, Codename: Bluemix

Last week at IBM’s Pulse Conference, we announced our partnership with IBM, bringing the power of communications to their new cloud platform, Codename: Bluemix. To show off the power of the new platform, Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson built an app live on stage using Twilio and Codename Bluemix in front of 11,000 Pulse attendees. In less than 5 minutes, Jeff’s app was up and running. Watch… Read More

Global Reach from Australia to Hong Kong: Announcing Twilio SMS Numbers in Six New Countries

One API with global reach – that’s our mission as we continue to expand capabilities around the world for you to reach customers wherever they are. Today, at Mobile World Congress, we announced expanded messaging capabilities in six new countries: Australia, Austria, Estonia, Hong Kong, Lithuania and Switzerland. Starting now, sign up for the beta of these messaging-enabled numbers. Getting To Know Your Numbers These expanded… Read More

Twilio Brings the Power of Communications to IBM Cloud Platform, Codename: BlueMix

Twilio is joining forces with IBM to bring voice, messaging, and VoIP functionality to developers on the IBM Cloud Platform. Today, IBM announced the open beta for Codename: BlueMix, a cloud platform that combines open source PaaS technology with a host of application services. Developers can deploy and manage Twilio applications quickly from the BlueMix administrative console, configuring Twilio account information in a single step. The… Read More

Burpy Crowd Sources Food Delivery With Twilio SMS

Waiting for your food to arrive while you’re out to dinner is one thing. Waiting for your food to arrive after you’ve already been waiting an hour for delivery is another. Five friends from Austin, TX founded a crowd-sourced food delivery business to cut down on wait times and refine the delivery workflow with Twilio SMS. Burpy was founded by 5 native Texans, who alot have… Read More

How To Build a Call Center with Parse and Twilio

Back in September, Parse held their inaugural Parse Developer Day, a one day conference focused on empowering developers with new tools to help them deploy apps faster. Kevin Whinnery was on scene to present his talk “Building A Call Center With Parse And Twilio”, showing you how to develop and deploy a call center without provisioning a server, setting up a database, or even hiring a… Read More

Introducing The Expanded Twilio Partner Program

In August of 2011, TalkDesk was just an app Tiago Paiva (pictured right) built for our Twilio Client Competition. Tiago won the competition and flew from Portugal to San Francisco to the inaugural TwilioCon where he won yet another Twilio challenge, and earned a spot in Twilio Fund, backed by 500 Startups. Now, two years later, TalkDesk is a proud Twilio Partner delivering Call Center solutions… Read More

From Push To Pull: ThinkVoice Revamps Their Phone System And Customer Service With Twilio Queue

Think of being on hold as being in a waiting room with no receptionist. You sit and wait. Eventually someone greets you. If you’re lucky, this is the person you meant to speak with. If you’re not, you go back into the waiting room while the person you just met with (hopefully) contacts the person you need to speak to. This process seemed absolutely insane to… Read More

Visualizing Your Customer’s Voice: Rumbler Wins Big At Rails Rumble

Imran, Fahm and Shahriar had to live up to their team’s name. With 48 hours to build an app at Rumble on the Rails, “The Guild of Calamitous Intent” went to work fast. The gang of three wanted to find a way streamline customer feedback, but not in the traditional way. Imran (pictured right), Fahm, and Shahriar built their their app to do more than just… Read More