Logic Monitor Launches New Twilio Usage Monitoring Capabilities

Logic Monitor Twilio Integration

From startups to enterprise giants, businesses face a common problem: there’s so much data, and not enough time to mine it. There’s no time to track 1,000 calls or monitor your stack minute-to-minute manually. Logic Monitor wants to “keep you sane” by automating the data collection and reporting process. Now, they’ve added new capabilities to monitor all things Twilio related, from your spend, to SMS inbound,… Read More

Painless Payments: GoCardless Makes Direct Debit Easy With Twilio

GoCardless Twilio

The founders of GoCardless built a college side project into a thriving business. Together, Tom Blomfield, Matt Robinson, and Hiroki Takeuchi built software to help automate the process of asking their college classmates for club and team membership dues. “We got together to try and solve the problem of recurring payments or late payments, but within the context of sports teams and university societies,” says Tom…. Read More

TwilioCon 2013: Twilio Showcase Launch Featuring Parse, AWS, LiveOps and RingDNA


Yesterday at TwilioCon we launched the Twilio Showcase, a one-stop-shop for customers looking for pre-built Twilio solutions and new developer tools. Whether you’re looking for help with marketing and lead management or for security and fraud prevention, you can tailor your search based on solution at Twilio.com/Showcase. If you’re part of team of DOers that’s already building Twilio-powered communications solutions, apply to join the showcase here…. Read More

From Sticky Notes To SMS: 7Shifts Organizes Employee Scheduling


Maybe old notebooks and scraps of paper aren’t the best “platforms” for managing your employee schedules. Jordan Boesch (pictured right), founder of online scheduling service, 7Shifts saw this first hand. Jordan’s dad owned a sandwich shop and managed his employee’s schedules using printed Excel spreadsheets, and post it notes. As a programmer, this made Jordan cringe but also inspired him to found 7Shifts, an online management… Read More

Anish Kahnzode Ships American Idol Style SMS Voting System With Twilio


Anish Kahnzode (pictured right) built an SMS based live voting system for an audience of 4,000 in less than three weeks. When he volunteered to help out a local non-profit, The New England Marathi, build a voting system for their singing competition, he thought it would be small scale — it wasn’t. Anish used Twilio SMS to scale fast and make The New England Marathi’s event… Read More

Cloud Elements Connects SendGrid and Twilio

Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements gives developers an simple platform to organize all the different awesome cloud services they use everyday from GitHub, to Twilio, to PayPal and SendGrid. Today, Cloud Elements announced their Messaging Hub Platform, which makes it easier for developers to connect services they already use so they can spend less time managing tools and more time building. Their new Messaging Hub Platform integrates SendGrid’s email… Read More

Draco Li Builds Triggio To Automate Alerts and Increase Productivity


Draco Li, an engineer at Loose Button, was tired of checking sales numbers every five minutes so he decided to build Triggio, an alert notification system. Loose Button is a Canadian beauty subscription program that allows members to sample and purchase beauty products from their homes. After joining the company in October 2012, Draco, a self taught programmer, started working on “secret projects” to help with… Read More