Taking Customer Success To Your City: Join Us On The Engineering The Customer Experience Roadshow


Customer experience is everything to your business. Without the right set of software tools and the right mindset, it’s impossible to meet your customers’ expectations and keep up with the market. The Engineering The Customer Experience Roadshow is coming to your backyard to give you the technical training, industry insight and software focused communication solutions you need to keep your customers happy Starting May 13th, we’re… Read More

Feed FM: Making Hold Music Less Boring With Twilio


When you’re on hold, it might seem like time drags on forever. Your customers feel the same way when they’re on hold– because hold music is terrible. Feed.FM is on a mission to provide a legal and easy way to add popular music (anything from Arcade Fire to Zeppelin) to your app, website, or game. They take care of all of the reporting, billing and licensing… Read More

delivery.com Bridges The Laundry Delivery Gap With Twilio SMS


Nowadays, you can summon anything from gourmet sushi to private drivers to your own personal helicopter with the click of a button. Whether it’s the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night, everything is available on demand. But there’s one industry which hasn’t exactly caught up with the times: dry cleaning. delivery.com set out to bring one million users a better laundry experience,… Read More

Dropping The Hammer: Chad Stachowicz Load Tests An Enterprise Call Center With Twilio


Managing a successful enterprise call center means that occasionally, you need to “lay down the hammer” as Chad Stachowicz puts it. The hammer Chad is referring to is not proverbial. It is a critical aspect in ensuring call quality for the 5,500 seat Fortune 500 call center he’s tasked with managing. Dropping the hammer means load testing the maximum capacity of the call center’s infrastructure, and… Read More

Scaling Little Dragon’s Fan to Band Connection With Twilio and Pusher


After nearly twenty years of writing, recording and touring, Swedish rockers Little Dragon have amassed thousands of loyal fans. To promote their upcoming album, they wanted to find a way to reach their fans authentically, and intimately. With the help of rock-minded developer Lee Martin and Twilio, Little Dragon reached out to 19,000 fans in an unusually personal way. Lee’s final product for Little Dragon let… Read More

Call My Nana: Danielle Leong Sets Up Life Saving Voice Reminders For Her Grandma With Twilio

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 6.03.39 PM

The following post was written by Danielle Leong Front End Web Developer at Twilio, and wonderful grand-daughter to her dear Grandmother. My grandmother is 92 years old. She has 6 children and 11 grandchildren (not counting the furry, four-legged ones). She was on the first women’s basketball team in San Francisco, served on the city’s Grand Jury, and was an avid swing dancer. She’s still fiercely… Read More

Design an Intelligent Mobile App Distribution Experience with ASP.NET and Twilio


You spent hours building a beautiful mobile app for your customers.  You made the herculean effort to take the app across multiple mobile platforms.  “Build it and they will come” they said.  But now your app is getting lost amongst the ever growing sea of mobile apps. If you’ve reached this point it’s time to build a marketing plan for your app and Mobile App Distribution… Read More

Rezhound Lets You Snag Last Minute Resturant Reservations Via Twilio SMS

RezhoundSquare copy 2

Reed Kavner just wanted to eat at NOPA. The problem was actually getting a seat without making reservations weeks in advance. Reed built Rezhound so diners can capitalize on last minute cancellations via SMS. Let’s say you wanted to eat at your favorite restaurant on Wednesday night, but there are no tables available. You can search Rezhould for the restaurant, select your availability that night, your… Read More

CarGurus Dials In Customer Success With Twilio Click-to-Call


Searching for a new car can be a daunting process. CarGurus is making automotive shopping easier by connecting prospective buyers with the best car deals and the best car dealers. Now the 6th largest and fastest automotive shopping website in the nation, they’re using Twilio to track phone leads and allow their customers to call dealers directly from their browser. Since launching their secure-click-to-call and SMS… Read More