Thorn Tech Drives Leads for Sprint at NASCAR Using Twilio

Giving out a NASCAR superstar’s personal phone number is simpler than it seems. Just ask Jeff Thorn (pictured right). Jeff and his team at Thorn Technologies worked with Sprint to help market an app for Sprint customers called DriveFirst. The app registers when you’re in-motion and auto-replies to any text you receive, so you stay focused on the road and not your phone. Sprint wanted to… Read More

Fancy Hands Brings Personal Assistants to Everyone

Raising kids can be a full time job. Raising two kids while writing a book and trying managing bills all at the same time is nearly impossible. Ted Roden (pictured right) found this out the hard way. In trying to be a dad, a novelist, and a professional organizer he discovered he needed help. But, he didn’t hire an assistant. Instead, he founded a company, Fancy Hands…. Read More