Buzzbeeper Uses Twilio to Help Businesses Understand What Their Customers Think

Buzzbeeper is a new, easy-to-use service that actively helps businesses find out what their customers think about them, giving them better control over their brand and reputation. Customers can provide simple ratings via voice and SMS (powered by Twilio), which are displayed in real time for staff to see and respond to if needed. Here’s what Pardner Wynn, founder of Buzzbeeper, had to say about his… Read More

Customer Video: Michael Yap Combines Twilio & Joget

Michael Yap, a Twilio developer, created this video demo explaining how to combine Twilio and Joget. Joget is a business process tool, and you can read more about it on Michael’s blog. How did you hear about Twilio? I actually read a post from Fred Wilson’s blog about a demo John Britton did in NYC. It was fun, it was personable and certainly very engaging, so… Read More