RingDNA dials call tracking, IVR and virtual call center into Salesforce

Years ago (circa 2005) when DemandResults’ founder and CEO, Howard Brown, had to set up a Salesforce-integrated call tracking solution for a behavioral healthcare lead-gen company, he was feeling the pain. To track phone leads from 400 unique telephone numbers, Brown had set up an Avaya hardware switch and tied it to Salesforce. In Brown’s words, “provisioning a new phone number with that setup was a… Read More

Trulia gives real estate agents an edge with Instant Leads

For a real estate agent in pursuit of a hot lead, speed is everything. According to a study by Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT, an agent’s odds of successfully contacting an online lead are 100 times higher if the lead hears back from the agent within five minutes of filling out an online form. Understanding the central importance of rapid responses to an agent’s bottom line,… Read More

HotPads Uses Twilio to Reduce Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

HotPads is a map-based housing search engine. Apartments and houses are listed for rent and for sale, along with foreclosures, vacation rentals and hotels.  Users can search by the most important feature of real estate: location, and provides a range of user friendly visual search tools that help housing shoppers find their best housing option. We spoke with Senior Software Engineer David Peters about their Twilio… Read More

Captico uses Twilio to build their perfect call tracking solution

Captico specializes in online marketing campaigns, and wanted to add call tracking to their portfolio of services. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be any service available that provided the data they wanted at an affordable price, so they decided to use Twilio to make their own. After half a day of coding, they had their initial prototype, and after iterating for over two months, Call Tracking… Read More

Introducing Call Tracking with Twilio

Did you know that in today’s age of Internet marketing, the phone still plays a crucial role in lead generation? Voice leads can convert as much as twenty times more than web leads. The best leads want to talk to somebody in realtime, and they’re from numbers found both on and off the web. Many savvy Internet Marketers spend hours each week tracking website information such… Read More

Build Twilio-powered call tracking the seOverflow way

Mike Belasco, a Twilio customer and President of Denver SEO company of seOverflow, made an excellent post a few weeks back explaining how to set up call tracking for your business from beginning to end using Twilio. It is a detailed post, so if you’re interested we suggest you check out the original post on the seOverflow blog, but here is what it covers: Register for… Read More

RentShout uses call tracking to help rental marketers capture phone leads

RentShout is a rental marketing service that provides a distribution platform for placing property listings on multiple websites, video portals, search directories, and other places online.  When we heard they launched a new feature last month using Twilio for call tracking, we got in touch with Misty Lackie, CEO of Go Smart Solutions, creators of Rent Shout, to learn more. How Call Tracking Works With RentShout… Read More

Teach Street releases call tracking, payments platform for teachers

Twilio customer Teach Street announced today that they’ve launched their payments platform and (Twilio-powered) call tracking services, making it easier than ever before for teachers to participate in e-commerce. How Teach Street Uses Twilio With Twilio, Teach Street provides teachers with phone numbers and pin codes, enabling students to contact them and leave messages securely. As Teach Street said on their blog, in addition to being… Read More