Implementing Chat in JavaScript, Node.js and React Apps

Chat user interface

If you’re building a chat user interface using JavaScript React, how do you integrate the rest of the backend functionality into your application? In this article, we’ll start by cloning a Git repository with the completed chat interface, then implement Programmable Chat and test sending and receiving messages between multiple users. Getting Started We’re going to start with a simple React application that has just a few… Read More

How to Add Live Support Chat to Your Web Application with JavaScript

Programmable Chat setup

Do you need live customer support chat in your web application but don’t know how to go about building it? You’ve landed in the right place. Twilio Programmable Chat can help you create the support functionality that you envision for your business. Let’s walk step-by-step through quickly coding a multi-party chat application. Demo App and Code You can create your own version of the project to… Read More

All Stories from SIGNAL 2017

Are you sitting down? Alright, good. Post-SIGNAL, your head is likely spinning from the whirlwind of announcements. Never fear, we’ve got the rundown for you. No two developer tool belts are alike. There are 1.6 million of your fellow developers on the Twilio platform. Each of them—including you—is building something to solve a nuanced problem, with a nuanced set of tools. SIGNAL just put your tool… Read More

Introducing Twilio Proxy

Twilio Proxy moderated conversations

Deploy and moderate private interactions between a customer and a mobile worker representing a business. Works with text, phone calls, chat, and messaging apps. Available in developer preview. Today we’re excited to introduce you to Twilio Proxy, a declarative API for powering private text and voice conversations between your customers and mobile workers. Accessible via a simple-to-use API, Proxy connects any two individuals with just a… Read More

Twilio Notify – Public Beta Now Open

Multi-Channel Notifications using Twilio Notify

Multi-channel notifications over SMS, push, Facebook Messenger, and more. 10k free delivery attempts or actions every month. Now available to everyone. We’re excited to announce that Notify is now available in public beta. This means that starting today you can jump right in and start sending multi-channel notifications to your users. Notify helps select the best channel(s) to send notifications based on your customers’ preferences or… Read More

Twilio Programmable Chat release with new features and pricing

Announcing new name, features, and pricing for chat product

Today we’re excited to announce a comprehensive update to our chat SDKs giving you even more control over the chat experience and cutting the time it takes to build full-featured chat into your mobile apps, SaaS products, and websites. Allow me to reintroduce myself We’ve found that IP Messaging wasn’t an intuitive product name for many of you. When you came looking for a Twilio chat… Read More

How to Build Android Chat Apps using Xamarin and Twilio

Were you excited when you heard we had Xamarin support for Twilio IP Messaging in iOS but were wondering ‘what about Android?’. Read on and in just 10 minutes you will build an Android chat app using Xamarin and Twilio IP Messaging. Get Ready to Build If you’re developing this tutorial on a Mac, make sure to have Xamarin Studio with Xamarin.Android installed. You’ll need Android API… Read More

How to Build iOS Chat Apps using Xamarin and Twilio

Twilio IP Messaging for iOS is now supported on Xamarin! In just 10 minutes, this tutorial will show you how to build an iOS chat app using Xamarin and Twilio IP messaging. Get Ready to Build If you’re building this tutorial on a Mac, make sure you have Xamarin Studio with Xamarin.iOS installed. Windows developers will need to have: Visual Studio 2015 Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio… Read More

Add Chat to a Rails App with Twilio Programmable Chat

There’s more to chat than sending messages back and forth. There’s chat history, typing indicators, read receipts and integrating with third party software. On top of all that, there’s making sure it all works across both web and mobile devices. Twilio Programmable Chat is a set of APIs and SDKs that provide everything you need to build cross-platform messaging. In this tutorial we’ll get started with Programmable Chat by adding simple chat… Read More