Twilio for Salesforce: How to Answer Incoming Calls With Your CRM

One of the powerful ways you can use Twilio is to buy virtual phone numbers and control what happens when people call them. For example, you can forward calls, create conferences, present an interactive phone menu or even record voicemail. In this post, we’ll show you how to use your Salesforce org to control phone calls in this way.  By the end, you’ll understand how to… Read More

Announcing New Official Twilio Helper Library for Salesforce

Today we’re excited to announce the release of the complete Twilio Helper Library for Salesforce. Adding voice and SMS to your Salesforce and apps has never been easier. Introducing the Twilio Helper Library for Salesforce Twilio makes it simple to program the phone network with its REST APIs for voice and SMS communications. This makes it a natural fit for CRM users in sales, marketing,… Read More

Seamlessly Add Click to Call to Websites with Custard

At the Twilio Conference hackathon, we saw a ton of great hacks and apps built in one night, and many in particular stood out, especially Custard. Built by David Phillips, Christian Fernandez and Robbie Trencheny, Custard allows website owners to easily add click to call functionality to their websites without any required phone or software downloads. Since the conference, they’ve been refining Custard’s click-to-call widget and it is now… Read More

Click to Call Your Senator to Fight Internet Censorship

We recently wrote about Tumblr and MobileCommons teaming up to alert the public to the significant dangers to a free and democratic internet posed by the SOPA and Protect IP laws. These laws are currently under consideration in Congress, so timing is essential in reaching supporters. Using a click to call app powered by Twilio, Tumblr’s users placed over 87,000 calls and spent nearly 1,300 hours talking… Read More

Tumblr and Mobile Commons Use Twilio Click to Call to Fight SOPA and ProtectIP

This week, Tumblr’s team came up with an ingenious way to use click to call to alert the public to the significant dangers to a free and democratic internet posed by the SOPA and ProtectIP laws currently under consideration in Congress: For one day, Tumblr “censored” users’ Dashboards, displaying broad, grey lines across user-generated content. The campaign worked: Users rallied and Tumblr deftly channeled that energy… Read More

Airbnb builds Voice Connect Click to Call app on Twilio

Airbnb, the red-hot startup which enables people to turn their apartments or bedrooms into ad hoc hotels and rent them out to strangers, needed a simple way to let hosts communicate with would-be guests without revealing either party’s contact info. Written messages worked fine for some hosts, but for many, it wasn’t enough: these hosts wanted to talk on the phone with potential guests before letting… Read More

Twilio Powers Epicom’s Universal Click-to-Call for SugarCRM

This is a guest post by Erik Wikman, Engineering Manager at Epicom Corporation. A snow storm totaling 1.25 inches in Austin, Texas this past winter yielded the development of several Twilio-based products including a Universal Click-to-Call plugin for SugarCRM. Epicom responded quickly and developed an emergency SMS system to warn all employees of the unsafe driving conditions. The message was sent out of our SugarCRM system as text messages… Read More