Twilio Client 1.3 Adds ORTC Support for Microsoft Edge, Call Quality Improvements, and More

Updates to Twilio Client JavaScript  SDK including ORTC support

Today we are excited to launch improvements to the Twilio Client JavaScript SDK, our service that enables developers to embed voice communications in browser applications, giving users the power to communicate with context. Twilio Client 1.3 brings a ton of improvements to your voice over IP applications. The library is now compatible with ORTC in Microsoft’s Edge browser. The combined new features of static IP address ranges for Twilio… Read More

Twilio on Rails Part 3 – Adding Contextual VOIP Using WebRTC to Your Rails 4 App


Welcome to the final part of our series on integrating Twilio with your Rails 4 app. In Part 1 we walked through signing-up for a free Twilio developer account, getting a phone number and processing an inbound phone call. In Part 2 we secured the webhooks, used Twilio’s REST API to send outbound SMS and MMS and processed delivery receipt notifications. In this post we are… Read More

Twilio Client for Xamarin – Part 2: iOS


In Part 1 of this series, we introduced the Twilio Client for Xamarin and showed how easy it is to add it to your Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android projects. Now that you know how to install the component, let’s build something with it. It seems like everyone these days is walking around with big phones. With Apple’s recent announcement of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iOS… Read More

Lose The Keys, Grab The Phone: SmarterKey Unlocks Doors Via Twilio SMS

SmarterKey Hub

Let’s say you’re on vacation, renting a house in Italy with some friends. You go to pick up the keys to your house but, instead of getting keys, you get a phone number and a code. These are your new keys. This is the new way SmarterKey is changing property rental. Co-founder David Moss (pictured right) says most people renting out their apartment, house or room on… Read More

Announcing the Winners of the First Five Live Contest

A few weeks ago, we launched Twilio Client and a massive contest around it. We wanted to see what interesting Client applications our developer community could create in just two weeks. We were amazed with the results! We saw everything from add-ons that let you dial phone numbers straight from your browser to a 3D game with Twilio Client used for in-game chat. With so many… Read More