New Twilio Cold Fusion Library by Jason Fill

We’re very excited to share with you a user contributed Twilio Library for Cold Fusion, which was created by Jason Fill. It works just like our PHP helper library. The author Jason Fill, uses the library for both his personal projects and his job at Jason recently started using us after reading about Twilio in TechCrunch, so we asked him to give us some feedback,… Read More

Making a call using ColdFusion and the Twilio REST API

Several people have asked for an example for initiating a call using ColdFusion and the Twilio REST API. Here you go! Replace the parameters in the cfset statements, of course.  <!— Start a call from coldfusion —> <!— enter your information for the following parameters —> <cfset accountSid=”yourAccountSid”> <cfset secret=”yourSecretKey”> <cfset caller=”yourVerifiedCallerId”> <cfset called=”phonenumberToCall”> <cfset action_url=”urlToExecute”> <!— make the rest request —> <cfhttp url=”” method=”POST” username=”#accountSid#”… Read More