Introducing Conference Events


Today, we are announcing Public Beta for Conference Events. You will be able to subscribe to changes in participant and conference states and be notified accordingly. You will not have to poll the API’s anymore to maintain the state of each participants. This drastically reduces the complexity of your application. Conference Events will be available for free. We’ve also made Call Progress Events available for free… Read More

5 Reasons Your Developers Should Come To Signal


Your backlog is a mile high, your roadmap a mile long and your available story points always feel like they are half as many as you need. Everyone above you thinks the product should have shipped yesterday. Everyone below you is begging for another two sprints to complete their work, warning of grave technical debt. The dance of a technical leader is on the razorblade shoved… Read More

Roll Call! Roger Stringer Shows You How to Take a Headcount During A Twilio Conference Call


In an ideal world, the start of every conference call would be seamless. Everyone is on the line and everyone knows who is on the call. But, things don’t always work that well. The start of a conference call can leave people talking over each other in an effort to introduce themselves and leave others pretty peeved about the whole process. Roger Stringer, Twilio-ninja and author… Read More

Replacing Hold Music With New York Times Headlines


So I was straight chillin’ on the Internet, fixing to moderate another troll post on my favorite Justin Bieber fan forum, when my buddy Amit posts on Twitter: I said to myself, “Hey self, Amit is right. That would be cool.” Out With The Hold, In With The New York Times Twilio’s Conference noun sports functionality that lets you customize the hold experience.  The <Conference> waitUrl… Read More

How I Built My Mom A Donna Summer Themed Conference Line

On Christmas Day, my Mom’s phone rings off the hook. Every member of my gigantic family is calling, wishing her a happy birthday, and wishing our family a Merry Christmas. The phone is passed from me to my sister, to my other sister (We’re triplets. Poof pictured at right), to my Dad, and occasionally my dogs even get a turn to bark at my uncle or… Read More

Shipping a Conference – CascadiaJS

Join the conversation on Hacker News! Back in July, someone named Troy Howard sent me a tweet. I didn’t know him personally, but I knew he was involved in the JavaScript community in Portland: @thoward37 had a quick question (@mikeal pointed me your way), could you shoot me an email at — Carter M Rabasa (@CarterRabasa) July 16, 2012 I wanted to talk to Troy… Read More

Technical Talks and Mini Hacks with Twilio at Cloudstock

Twilio is excited to announce that we are sponsoring Cloudstock, a free, one-day cloud developer event on March 15 in San Francisco. At Cloudstock you will have the chance to rub elbows with various developers who are changing the world in which we live while you enjoy the engaging technical sessions. If you haven’t already, register for this event. Breakout Sessions Twilio will be hosting a… Read More