HipDial Takes The Hassle Out Of Conference Calls With Twilio

There’s a popular phrase: “I’m hopping on a conference call.” But, “hopping” may not be  the right word. Joining a conference call normally involves searching for and punching in a series of PIN numbers, responding to voice prompts, and hanging on until the call’s host gets on the line. HipDial is trying to make things a little easier with a simple conference calling service. Four months ago,… Read More

Sean Saulsbury Wins Our Power Up Conferencing Developer Contest With Call In Studio

Last week, we challenged developers to take Twilio’s conferencing features and apply them in new and interesting ways. We had some great entries, but in the end, we decided Sean Saulsbury’s Call In Studio was the most interesting application of conferencing. Call In Studio allows Internet and radio show producers to easily screen and manage calls for their shows. Since radio stations no longer need to… Read More

Easy Conference Calling with Twilio

We’re running a developer contest this week centered around Twilio’s conference calling features, so I thought it would be helpful if I did a quick run through of the <Conference> verb. Have Your People Call My People The most straight-forward way of setting up conference calling is to drop all incoming calls into a conference using the <Conference> verb:

The name of the conference is… Read More

37Signals Launches Second Twilio-Powered Feature: Conference Calling for Campfire

This morning, 37Signals announced the launch of yet another Twilio-powered feature: conference calling for Campfire, their real-time chat, file and code sharing product. As the 37Signals team says on their product blog: Campfire is a chat tool, why does it need conference calling? At 37signals we run our entire business on Campfire. It’s our virtual office. We chat, make decisions, have debates, share designs, do code… Read More

Conferous Launches – David K. Pham Wins Twilio Developer Contest for Conferencing

Last we released ridiculously simple conferencing as a new feature of our phone API, and we challenged developers to take this feature to come up with submissions to the contest. Congratulations to David K. Pham, winner of last week’s Twilio developer contest with Conferous – a elegantly simple way to set up a professional conference line for your business. Interview with David K. Pham What gave… Read More

Announcing Ridiculously Simple Conference Calling

We’re excited to announce the release of a new Twilio feature: Simple Conferencing!  With the addition of <Conference>, you can bridge together multiple inbound or outbound calls, opening all new possibilities. Sick of those crappy conference lines?  The ones that that require you to enter your conference id, participant pin, access code, weight in kilograms and pi to fourteen digits before you can get to chatting?  Now… Read More