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Contact Center posts

  • By Patrick Kolencherry
    Presentando Flex Insights Panel de control integrado de Flex WFO

    El centro de contacto desempeña una función importante dentro de una organización como un activo estratégico que impulsa la fidelización, la innovación y el crecimiento. Contar con una mayor visibilidad operativa para entender mejor el rendimiento del centro de contacto es esencial para ofrecer interacciones positivas con el cliente.

    Hoy, tenemos dos anuncios interesantes para compartir. En primer lugar, hemos cambiado Flex WFO a Flex Insights. Junto con Voice Insights y Messaging Queue Insights, Flex Insights proporciona a los clientes de Flex una imagen clara de cómo funciona su centro de contacto en el día a día. Todas las funciones que están disponibles actualmente con Flex WFO seguirán estando disponibles. Flex Insights está incluido en cualquier plan de pago de Twilio Flex.

    En segundo lugar, también nos complace anunciar dos nuevas funciones para Flex Insights: una vista de colas en tiempo real y la disponibilidad de transcripciones de mensajería …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Implementar un centro de contacto de agente remoto en 30 minutos con Twilio Flex Implementar un centro de contacto de agente remoto en 30 minutos con Twilio Flex

    Twilio ofrece un nuevo programa llamado Flex Boost para proporcionar hasta $100 000 en horas de usuario activo gratuitas a las organizaciones afectadas por la pandemia de la COVID-19 o que respondan a este hecho.

    Puede encontrar más información sobre Flex Boost, incluidos los enlaces a recursos técnicos y operativos útiles, con información sobre cómo empezar en la siguiente página.

    Es posible que se encuentre en una situación en la que necesite urgente un nuevo centro de contacto que permita a los empleados trabajar a distancia. Este artículo lo guiará en la implementación de Twilio Flex, un centro de contacto basado en la nube con soporte nativo de WebRTC, en solo 30 minutos.

    Twilio Flex se puede aprovisionar al instante y le proporciona la capacidad inmediata de empezar a probar las llamadas de voz, los SMS y el chat web. En esta publicación de blog, le mostraremos cómo …

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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    「Twilio Flex簡単導入パック」by TerraSkyでコンタクトセンターをスモールスタ-ト flex-terrasky-jp


    • デジタル化の急増により、パーソナライゼーションがより実現可能に
    • デジタルが促進する企業のアジャイル化
    • ヘルスケア、金融サービス、公共部門のデジタル活用が進む
    • ビデオがバーチャル接続を強化
    • 企業が自らシステムを構築する時代へ


    また、コールセンター白書2021などのデータからも明らかですが、クラウド型コンタクトセンターの国内市況が活発であり、今がまさに旬な時期です。さらに、エンタープライズコミュニケーション系の米国の業界サイトであるNo Jitterにおいても、「Composableなコンタクトセンターが今後の業界活性化のキーである」といったニュアンスの記事が2021年6月に投稿されています。(この記事では、キーワード「API」「CPaaS」とともに、弊社のコンタクトセンター向けサービスTwilio Flexへ言及されています。)「Composable」は「ビルディングブロック式の」「業務プロセスや …

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  • By Philip Borden
    Acqueon Engagement Integration Designed for Twilio Flex Acqueon Flex Integration

    Providing customers with engaging experiences depends on two-way communications. Customers need to be able to engage your business to troubleshoot issues or make changes to their accounts, while also receiving calls from your business regarding upcoming payments.

    Using outbound campaigns can also drive revenue for your business through rapid lead response, outbound prospecting, debt collections, and customer development.

    Orchestrating engaging outbound communications to connect customers directly with agents can be challenging. Campaigns need to be created, automate outreach, and then engage with customers before connecting agents.

    Twilio Flex is partnering with Acqueon to provide businesses with a validated integration for outbound campaign management, with a built-in predictive dialer. Acqueon Engagement lets your business orchestrate campaigns and proactively engage with consumers using voice channels. It uses a rich data platform, including statistical and predictive models to let enterprises maximize the potential of every customer conversation.

    Acqueon Engagement and Twilio Flex

    We …

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  • By Twilio
    How to Set Up a Remote Contact Centre setting-up-remote-contact-centre

    The pandemic greatly accelerated the shift to remote contact centres. Analysts project that 53 per cent of the contact centre workforce could be working remotely by 2023. Working remotely is so appealing to workers that nearly half say they would look for another job if they were no longer able to work remotely.

    The benefits of a remote workforce aren’t all on the employee side, of course. Businesses can benefit from lower overhead and a larger pool of accessible potential recruits. The flexibility of remote work can help attract top talent, too.

    Here’s how to set up a remote contact centre of your own to benefit employees, your business, and customers, too.

    Must-have features for a remote contact centre

    The platform it runs on defines a remote contact centre, and not all software solutions are created equal. Here are a few criteria to keep in mind:

    User-friendly design

    Clunky or …

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  • By Twilio
    Contact Centre vs. Call Centre: What’s the Difference? Contact-centre-vs-call-centre.png

    One of the ironies of 21st-century life is that virtually all of us carry a phone with us at all times, but most of us rarely use it as an actual phone. We text, email, post on social media, use messenger apps—anything to avoid the hassle of actually making a call.

    This preference extends to our consumer lives as well. Would I rather sit on hold for 45 minutes, or spend a few minutes in a chat queue? Even the most soothing of smooth-jazz hold music can’t make the former seem more attractive.

    In a survey of UK and US consumers, 83% said it’s often difficult to communicate with a business. However, only 36% of UK businesses acknowledged these challenges.


    As consumers demand more ways to talk to your brand than the dreaded phone call, it’s time to rethink the concept of a call centre and work toward a …

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  • By Annie Benitez Pelaez
    7 Reasons to Adopt SIP Trunking in Your Contact Center ESIPT2.png

    If you haven’t already moved your contact center from PRI trunks to SIP trunks, it may be time to give it another look. That’s because several recent cloud-driven technology trends have made the case for SIP trunking even stronger. Putting SIP trunks in place could not only save money and increase agility, but also enable you to dramatically improve customer experiences.

    There are three major trends at work:

    1. Cloud-based natural language processing engines are enabling contact centers to deploy voicebots (aka virtual agents) that are less costly and offer better experiences than live agents. These services connect to the PSTN via SIP trunks.
    2. Cloud-based contact center as a service (CCaaS) is displacing on-premises infrastructure by offering more flexibility and better economics. Like voicebots, these services connect to the PSTN via SIP trunks.
    3. A new category of cloud-based SIP trunking services provide more flexibility and better geographic coverage than traditional telco-based …
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  • By Luís Leão
    Crear colas y habilidades para un Centro de contacto de Flex Crear colas y habilidades para un Centro de contacto de Flex

    Acaba de implementar Flex y es posible que se pregunte cómo seguir.

    A continuación, deberá comenzar a pensar en su estrategia de enrutamiento y de cola. En esta publicación de blog, analizaremos algunas opciones básicas para las colas y las habilidades (sienta las bases sobre cómo informará y analizará su negocio de centro de contacto).


    Lo que construiremos hoy

    Flex tiene la capacidad de aprovechar toda la potencia de Twilio TaskRouter. TaskRouter es un potente sistema de enrutamiento basado en atributos, el corazón del centro de contacto. También es totalmente programable, lo que le permite controlar su centro de contacto desde su código. Hoy veremos un caso de uso sencillo: “¿Cómo puedo configurar un centro de contacto para apoyar a mis clientes y empleados con Flex?”.

    Para ello, vamos a crear dos nuevas colas de tareas: Servicio de atención al cliente y servicio de atención al empleado …

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  • By Philip Borden
    Spoke Phone (UCaaS) Integration designed for Twilio Flex Spoke Phone

    Integrating your Unified Communications (UC)/IP Telephony (IPT) with your contact center enables you to provide customers a unified experience. It removes silos created by front office (customer service) and back office (admin, sales teams, etc.) solutions not communicating, and not being able to transfer customers to appropriate teams.

    Now, your customer service teams can transfer calls to back-office teams, and vice versa. This helps customers engage with the necessary teams in a seamless fashion and simplifies the process for your teams.

    Spoke Phone's UC/IPT and Flex integration

    Spoke Phone’s UC/IPT, is built on Twilio and now has an integration designed to work seamlessly with Twilio Flex. This enables your teams to seamlessly transfer Twilio Flex calls to Spoke Phone IPT System and provide every employee with a 360-degree customer view, on any device.

    This past year highlighted the need for contact centers to be agile and enable agents to …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Crie Filas e Skills de Atendimento no seu Contact Center com Twilio Flex Crie Filas e Skills de Atendimento no seu Contact Center com Twilio Flex

    Você acabou de implantar o Flex e deve estar se perguntando: e agora?

    Agora, você vai precisar começar a pensar sobre sua estratégia de roteamento e filas de atendimento. Neste post, vamos cobrir as alternativas básicas para fila e skills – vamos configurar a base sobre como você pode gerar relatórios e analisar seu contact center.

    Vamos começar!

    O Que Estamos Construindo Hoje

    Flex tem a capacidade de alavancar o poder máximo do Twilio TaskRouter. TaskRouter é um sistema de roteamento poderoso baseado em atributos, o coração de todo contact center. Ele também é totalmente programável, permitindo que você controle seu contact center via código. Vamos falar sobre um simples uso de caso hoje: “Como eu posso configurar um contact center para suportar meus clientes e funcionários usando o Flex?”.

    Para fazer isso, vamos construir duas novas Filas de Tarefas: Serviço de Clientes e Serviço de Empregados. …

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