Anything Goes: Developers On a Bus

It’s our biggest Developer Contest ever! This week, anything goes, and the prizes are huge: two seats on the Startup Bus, and tickets to SXSW! So bring your chops and submit your best Twilio app. Since the stakes are so high for this contest, we’re looking for something more than a Twilio app, we’re looking for Twilio ambassadors—someone to tweet, blog, record video, and generally represent… Read More

Derrek Wayne Wins Our Valentine's Themed Developer Contest With Customer Song Sender

Nothing says “I love you” like singing kittens, especially when the high-pitched voices of said kittens are recorded by muscian/coder Derrek Wayne. For this contest, Derrek not only coded Custom Song Sender, but also wrote and recorded his own Valentine’s Day music. For winning the Valentine’s Day contest, Derrek will get an Amazon Kindle 3G and $100 in Twilio credit to keep the kitty tunes going…. Read More

New Developer Contest: The Sweet Sound of APIs

Music Hackday may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the party going all week. If you couldn’t make it out to New York this past weekend to join John Britton in the music madness, don’t fret because this week’s Twilio contest is all about recreating the music hackday experience sans the pizza, beer, and hacker company. Use Twilio and your favorite music API… Read More

Teeboxer Wins Our "Coordinating People" Contest

There were a lot of good entries submitted for last week’s contest, but Teeboxer was our favorite because of its focused approach at solving a unique problem: coordinating golf times amongst busy professionals. Yuri Gadow was tired of battling with schedules, weather, and tee times, so he put Twilio and 19 other APIs to work to make things better. Once registered, users can schedule a tee… Read More

New Developer Contest: Love is in the Cloud

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not give your better half the gift of a Twilio app? It’s cheaper than a box of chocolates and lasts longer than flowers. Spice things up with a sultry SMS sender, or let someone down gently with an automated “let’s bee friends” phone call. Bonus points for putting together helpful materials (screencasts, blog posts, etc.) that demonstrate… Read More

Use AppHarbor to Power Your Twilio App and You Could Win a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

git push appharbor master. That’s how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that’s revolutionizing how easy it is to deploy and host your .NET apps in the cloud. After you’ve pushed your changes, AppHarbor will build your project, run any unit tests present and publish the site when everything checks out. Not only is it the fastest way to get… Read More

Roger Pincombe Combines Twilio SMS with DailyBurn to Win Trip To Boston!

Sometimes the most powerful ideas are also the simplest. Roger Pincombe had such an idea. Using DailyBurn‘s database of nutrition facts for over 475,000 food items, Roger built a simple SMS interface that allows you to check just how bad that burger is for you while you’re standing in line at the fast food joint. To use the app, send a text message to 415-729-3599, and… Read More

Billy Chasen Wins Anything Goes Contest with SMS-controlled Door Lock!

We’ve seen people use Twilio to build SMS applications that integrate with door buzzer systems to send the right touchtones to let people through locked doors. Billy Chasen took that concept to another level. He built a system that uses SMS to control a physical door lock via an embedded web server connected to a servo motor connected to the lock. Billy wrote a blog post talking… Read More