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Conversations posts

  • By Dan Bartlett
    Build a Messaging App Demo Proof of Concept with the Twilio Conversations API Messaging App POC Conversations

    Twilio’s Conversations API is described as A single API for seamless conversational messaging”. That sounds really cool, but what kind of things can you actually build with the Conversations API?

    Appfueled used Conversations API to build an engagement portal which resulted in 90% or greater retention rate, 46% more visits per year, and 15% spend for shops – what can it do for your business?

    For starters, the Conversations API is a foundational component in Twilio’s offering and our industry leading software applications, Twilio Flex, and Twilio Frontline, are built on top of the Conversations API.

    But the Conversations API can also be used to power your own multi-party or multi-channel applications. In this blog post, I will walk through configuring and deploying a digital channel Support and Messaging Application powered by Twilio Conversations.

    Applications Architecture

    Before we start building, let me show you the end result. Here …

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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    4 Reasons to Try Facebook Messenger Ads facebook messenger ads

    Social media feed ads have become so commonplace that users often scroll right past them—unless these are hyperpersonalized or particularly eye-catching. Or if they click on them, users can quickly lose interest if they don’t immediately find what they want.

    But this doesn’t mean social media advertising isn’t effective. It just means that marketers must try innovative ways to capture customers’ attention, such as engaging them in a conversation.

    This is why some marketers turn to conversational ads on channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. These ads invite personalized communication with qualified prospects and can lead to better conversions.

    If you’re just learning about conversational ads, you’re not alone—it's an underused type of social media advertising that’s starting to pick up steam. This post will get you caught up on what Facebook Messenger ads are and why you should give them a try.

    What are Facebook Messenger ads?

    Facebook Messenger ads …

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  • By Bruno Kilian
    End-to-end Encryption for WebChat on Flex Copy of C04 Blog Text

    A few months ago, Twilio announced Flex Conversations to empower companies to build tailor-made experiences between Customers and Agents on Flex.

    On today's topic, we will be building a secure Webchat communication between the Customers and Agents, so secure that only the Agent and the Customer can read the messages. Not even Twilio will know what is being transmitted - so-called end-to-end encryption.

    So what's exciting is, not only messages, but also attachments are end-to-end encrypted! Customers and Agents can exchange files securely. Twilio does store the media being exchanged but - as it is end-to-end encrypted - it is like storing a vault without having the keys to open it.

    This blog post is a proof-of-concept and it is not production-ready. In case you decide to proceed further with the implementation, have a security specialist auditing the source-code!

    Do you need end-to-end encryption?

    Not all the companies have …

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  • By Julie Griffin
    Erste Schritte mit Twilio Free SMS für Unternehmen Erste Schritte mit Twilio Free SMS für Unternehmen

    Hallo und danke fürs Lesen! Dieser Blogpost ist eine Übersetzung von Getting Started With Twilio Free SMS for Businesses.

    Kennen Sie das? Sie haben Ihr Telefon zu Hause vergessen und es fühlt sich an, als ob ein Körperteil fehlt? Wir tragen unser Mobiltelefon in der Hosentasche oder Handtasche mit uns herum, es liegt auf dem Schreibtisch, und meistens haben wir es griffbereit. Durch die konstante Nähe zum Gerät und die Aufmerksamkeit, die wir ihm schenken, ist der Short Message Service, besser bekannt als SMS, für Unternehmen ein ernstzunehmender Leistungsträger.

    SMS überzeugt mit einer Öffnungsrate von 98 % und ist unschlagbar, wenn es darum geht, die sofortige Aufmerksamkeit unserer Kunden zu erlangen. Dennoch sollte man es mit SMS als Kommunikationsmittel nicht übertreiben. Das persönliche Verhältnis der Nutzer zu ihren Telefonen ist der Grund dafür, dass SMS angemessen eingesetzt werden muss, um das Vertrauen der Kunden zu gewinnen und effektiv mit …

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  • By Al Kiramoto
    Detect Sales Leads using Twilio Conversations and Segment Detect Sales Leads Segment Twilio Hero

    Wondering how to increase sales and gain market share? One key success factor is agility, how fast can your sales team respond to a customer decision. We are all humans, and if we say we are ready to buy – wouldn't it be best if we received the right offer or support immediately? We humans always get busy or change our minds, or we might overanalyze and back away from a purchase. For you, as a business, that means the opportunity can quickly disappear.

    But, with Twilio, you can set up the right keyword detection and triggers to engage with customers exactly at the right time, on the right channel, and with the right context. In this post, you will learn how to use Twilio Conversations API to detect key words on customer conversations and track them using Segment Personas. Once a certain trait is detected, Segment can trigger …

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  • By Catalin Negru
    Integrate Dialogflow with Twilio Conversations using NestJS Integrate Dialogflow Twilio Conversations NestJS Hero

    This tutorial will allow you to scale customer interactions using Dialogflow before passing the conversation to an agent or another system. The following project will be composed of a backend built with NestJs/Express, Twilio’s Conversations API, and our DialogFlow integration.


    If you don’t have a Twilio account, you can get one for free here.

    For the following exercise, you’ll need the following:

    High Level Flow

    Before we dive into the coding aspects of the tutorial, let's go o …

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  • By Anton Kushch
    Build an Inactivity Timeout with Flex Conversations Build Inactivity Timeout Flex Conversations

    As you may know, Twilio has released Flex Conversations. This is a big step in making orchestration more reliable and straightforward within the Flex ecosystem. In a blog post here, you can learn more about Flex Conversations's new perks. Introducing Flex Conversations also opens up possibilities for new cool features to be implemented, as the Conversations API provides a broad spectrum of tools for managing participants, addresses, and the conversation lifecycle.

    One contact center feature that our customers often ask about is Inactivity Timeout. To keep your agents' productivity high, it's necessary to have an automated way to track abandoned tasks and clean them up. With the State Timers feature of the Conversations API along with Twilio Functions, it is possible now to implement an Inactivity Timeout in Flex. In this blog post, I will guide you through the configuration and code to achieve this.

    Tutorial prerequisites …

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  • By Ana Cristina Andres Del Valle
    Build a Smart Clienteling Mobile App Using a Bot and Twilio Frontline Smart Clienteling Mobile App Header

    Engaging with customers on their channel of preference is always challenging. Companies often need technical solutions to mediate between employees and the private channels of their customers. Twilio Frontline is a configurable software solution that allows anyone to have an omnichannel professional clienteling application on their mobile devices with minimum coding.

    When a customer wants to reach out to a company, the first step is finding the right person. With Frontline, we can integrate a given logic if our back-end already knows who this person normally speaks with, but wouldn't it be more pleasant to let the application first ask who they want to speak with?

    This blog explains how to integrate a bot that will query customers about the expert they need to address their concerns. We will enhance the initial Frontline setup (see Figure 1) with a bot that will manage the messages as part of a conversation …

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  • By Ana Cristina Andres Del Valle
    Cree Una Aplicación de Mensajería Móvil Inteligente con Twilio Frontline Aplicación de Mensajería Móvil Inteligente

    Interactuar con clientes usando su canal de preferencia siempre es difícil. Las empresas a menudo necesitan soluciones técnicas para mediar entre los empleados y los canales privados de sus clientes. Twilio Frontline es una solución de software configurable que permite que cualquier persona tenga acceso a la mensajería de sus clientes (SMS. WhatsApp) en dispositivos móviles.

    Cuando un cliente quiere comunicarse con una empresa, el primer paso es encontrar a la persona adecuada. Con Frontline, podemos integrar una lógica dada si nuestro back-end ya sabe con quién habla normalmente esta persona, pero ¿no sería más agradable dejar que la aplicación primero pregunte con quién se quiere hablar?

    Este blog explica cómo integrar un bot que preguntará a los clientes con qué experto se necesita conectar. Mejoraremos la configuración inicial de Frontline ( Figura 1) con un bot que administrará los mensajes como parte de una conversación independientemente a la aplicación …

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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    How to Use SMS Services for Customer Engagement sms services.png

    It’s no surprise that Short Message Service (SMS), or text messaging, is becoming a popular communication channel for businesses. It’s a direct line to customers where they spend much of their time—on their phones.

    Text messages have one of the highest open rates of any medium, with consumers opening more than 95% of their messages. This makes your customers’ SMS inboxes one of the best places to engage with them.

    An SMS service allows you to send mass texts, connect individually with customers, and even enable multiparty conversations. You can use texting for SMS marketing, appointment reminders, and customer service interactions.

    Let’s explore how to use SMS services to stay in touch with your customers, including how to start sending texts with Twilio’s SMS APIs.

    Benefits of using SMS for business

    Business text messaging is a highly effective way to connect with your customers. SMS communications have a …

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