Introducing Twilio SMS on Toll-Free Numbers


Toll-free numbers have gotten a bad rap when it comes to customer experience. No customer wants to navigate complicated IVRs, stay on hold for ages, or repeat the same information over and over. Today, we are introducing SMS enabled toll-free numbers to streamline customer support and give your customers a new way to reach out. Unlock Toll-free Numbers To Text Toll-free SMS helps businesses simplify and… Read More

Twilio Tech Talks Video: The Art Of Documentation, Empowering Users

Rob Zazueta may be new to Mashery, but he has over 15 years of development and documentation experience. Only two and a half weeks into his new job as Director of Platform Strategy at Mashery, Rob stopped by our Twilio Tech Talk Meetup to share his thoughts on empowering users with quality documentation in his talk “Technical Documentation: Building Beyond The Manual” Twilions Nisha George and… Read More

Customer Service Solutions with Twilio: Build Your Call Center Your Way

Throughout the years, we have identified that many of our customers are using us to power their customer service needs. Today, we are very excited to formally introduce Twilio for the call center market. Twilio gives you all of the building blocks needed to create a full-featured inbound or outbound call center. With these tools, you can create voice experiences that go above and beyond what… Read More

Reshaping the Contact Center for a New Era of Customer Interactions

With contact centers facing increasing requirements for agility, flexibility and cost reduction—along with an increasingly sophisticated customer—the time to consider moving to the cloud is now. If you’ve been considering this shift for your company, join our upcoming webinar featuring Forrester Research Principal Analyst Art Schoeller and Twilio CMO Lynda Smith. Moving your contact center to the cloud shouldn’t be driven by hype, but with careful… Read More

Premium Support for 24/7 Help From Twilio


All customers are different, and so are their support needs. Last week, we announced three new paid Premium Support plans for those customers who need guaranteed response times, phone support and 24×7 emergency response. So what does Premium Support mean anyways? It means we have a support plan built just for you. You can easily choose and buy a plan without having to talk to sales…. Read More

Twilio Teams Up With Fruition Partners To Bring Cloud Communications To ServiceNow

Fruition Partners FruPhone in ServiceNow

At Twilio, we believe that the effort to bring cloud communications to global companies and brands is best done with friends, so today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Fruition Partners. Founded in 2003, Fruition Partners is a Cloud  IT consultancy that specializes in large-scale systems implementations for the Fortune 500. The company is the world’s leading ServiceNow partner, with over 200 successful deployments… Read More

Todd Thompson Changes the Way A Network of Auto Dealers Uses The Phone

Steele Auto transforms its business with a handful of Twilio-powered apps. Todd Thompson’s saga begins two years ago in the back office of Steele Auto, a network of car dealerships in Nova Scotia. Steele Auto was doing what most car dealership do. It was marketing itself through a mix of newspaper classifieds, print inserts, billboards and online ads without knowing which ones were actually performing. It… Read More

Zendesk's Adrian McDermott talks about building a virtual call center and dispels myths about phone support

At the 2011 Twilio Conference, Zendesk’s AdrianMcDermott presented the Twilio-powered Zendesk Voice. Zendesk Voice uses Twilio Client to build VoIP capabilities into Zendesk’s customer support software, turning Zendesk Voice into a virtual call center. Thanks to Twilio Client’s click-to-call capabilities, a consumer can reach a support agent with a single click or call a prominently displayed phone number. Twilio Client also makes it possible for support agents to take calls… Read More

AutoClaims Direct uses Twilio to build a virtual phone system

With employees distributed throughout the country, AutoClaims Direct – a services and technology company in the Property & Casualty insurance claims industry – needed a virtual telephone system for its distributed “virtual” office. After exploring a variety of off-the-shelf options and finding they lacked the required flexibility, AutoClaims Direct decided to build its virtual phone system on Twilio. According to Ernie Bray, the company’s CEO, the result has been fantastic…. Read More