AutoClaims Direct uses Twilio to build a virtual phone system

With employees distributed throughout the country, AutoClaims Direct – a services and technology company in the Property & Casualty insurance claims industry – needed a virtual telephone system for its distributed “virtual” office. After exploring a variety of off-the-shelf options and finding they lacked the required flexibility, AutoClaims Direct decided to build its virtual phone system on Twilio. According to Ernie Bray, the company’s CEO, the result has been fantastic…. Read More

Customer Support via SMS with Zendesk

A few weeks ago, I was given a challenge: Replace email with SMS for customer support using Zendesk. If you’re not familiar with Zendesk, it’s a flexible helpdesk system that allows customers create new helpdesk tickets by simply sending an email. Helpdesk staff can respond to the customer and apply complex workflows to tickets.  Best of all the whole thing is documented and logged so everyone… Read More

RingDNA dials call tracking, IVR and virtual call center into Salesforce

Years ago (circa 2005) when DemandResults’ founder and CEO, Howard Brown, had to set up a Salesforce-integrated call tracking solution for a behavioral healthcare lead-gen company, he was feeling the pain. To track phone leads from 400 unique telephone numbers, Brown had set up an Avaya hardware switch and tied it to Salesforce. In Brown’s words, “provisioning a new phone number with that setup was a… Read More

Chat With Your Customers Instantly With SnapEngage

SnapEngage is a live chat web service that allows business owners to add a live chat popup to their website so they can engage their customers immediately. Visitors can chat instantly with a representative without having to install any software or plugins, which makes for a very user friendly experience. SnapEngage uses Twilio to connect customers with a live person over the phone while simultaneously chatting… Read More

Buzzbeeper Uses Twilio to Help Businesses Understand What Their Customers Think

Buzzbeeper is a new, easy-to-use service that actively helps businesses find out what their customers think about them, giving them better control over their brand and reputation. Customers can provide simple ratings via voice and SMS (powered by Twilio), which are displayed in real time for staff to see and respond to if needed. Here’s what Pardner Wynn, founder of Buzzbeeper, had to say about his… Read More

Andrew Albrechtsen wins "Powering Up Customer Service" Twilio Developer Contest

Our latest netbook contest category wrapped up last Sunday and we’re happy to announce that Andrew Albrechtsen of Photography Avenue has won for his “Powering up Customer Service” entry. Andrew is currently an Information Systems major (and photography minor) at Long Island University’s C.W. Post campus. He has been building websites since he was in middle school, and more recently has been trying to build his… Read More

Twilio IRC Chat

Join us in the Twilio IRC channel to get your questions answered or talk with other developers working on Twilio-powered projects. Someone from Twilio is almost always hanging around so feel free to say something at any time. We also set aside a couple times a week for “Office Hours” when we have even more people available to answer your questions. Access via your IRC client:… Read More

Happy Friday, Happy Customers

After signing up for a Twilio account, new users receive a series of emails from us introducing them to what Twilio is all about, providing resources to help developers get started, and making suggestions for becoming a part of our thriving developer community. Even though these emails are automatically generated, I’m always happily surprised to see responses, and this morning my day was made when Dennis… Read More