Contact Centers: Introducing Agent Conference

Agent Conference for contact centers Twilio

Place outbound calls to prospects without TwiML fetch. Agent Whisper feature to coach agents. Available now in public beta. Conference is at the core of many advanced Twilio Voice API call flows. Over the last year, we’ve made Twilio Conference more powerful and easier to use. We shipped conference events with speaker detection, hold API, end conference API, region selection, and made all conferences Global Low… Read More

Publik Demand Gives Customers A Voice With Twilio

When I flew home to Maryland last week, I dealt with some downright awful customer service. Not your run of the mill flight attendant, tired from the holiday travel insanity. This was exceptional. I tweeted about my experience and quickly got a response from the airline. I was surprised to say the least. Everyday, customers encounter horrible customer service and tweet about it, file complaints, leave… Read More

General Assembly Video: How To Create A Customer Support Line With Twilio Queue

Rob Spectre and Christopher Castiglione want you to have a little more free time. They also want to save you from running around your office space trying to answer five different support calls at once. In this video “Dialing Into The Twilio API”, recorded at General Assembly, Rob and Chris show you how to build a customer support line using Twilio Queue. Queue allows you to… Read More

Customer Support via SMS with Zendesk

A few weeks ago, I was given a challenge: Replace email with SMS for customer support using Zendesk. If you’re not familiar with Zendesk, it’s a flexible helpdesk system that allows customers create new helpdesk tickets by simply sending an email. Helpdesk staff can respond to the customer and apply complex workflows to tickets.  Best of all the whole thing is documented and logged so everyone… Read More