Twilio Queue: Building a Call Queue Metrics Dashboard

Whether you’re running a call center, just a small office, or have to deal with all of the incoming calls for an event one night, putting people on hold (aka call queuing) is important, but often a difficult technical process. Twilio’s newest verb Queue simplifies this problem by providing a set of features that let you easily enqueue and dequeue callers, provide custom wait experiences and… Read More

College Students Change The Hackathon Game At PennApps

Autumn was signaling its arrival in Philadelphia two weeks ago with an Eastern cold snap, the turning of the leaves and the sound of hustling students returning to their studies after a care-free summer.  The University of Pennsylvania was postively abuzz with eager young minds welcoming one another back with highfives and sorting through fistfuls of syllabi, the fear of an impending midterm or paper deadline… Read More