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  • By Mia Adjei
    Share a File over a WebRTC Data Channel with Twilio Video Share a File over a WebRTC Data Channel with Twilio Video

    When you're taking part in a video conversation, sometimes you have files you want to share with the other people on the call so that everyone can take a look. This is a great way to collaborate with your friends or colleagues when you're not in the same room or looking at the same screen.

    In this tutorial, you'll build a video application with JavaScript and learn how to use the Twilio Video DataTrack API to share a file over WebRTC with the other participants on the call.

    Follow along below step by step, or if you're interested in skipping ahead to take a look at the code, visit the project repository on GitHub here.

    Let's get started!


    • A free Twilio account. (If you register here, you'll receive $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade to a paid account!)
    • Node.js v14+ and npm installed on your machine. …
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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    Browser Messaging with WebRTC and the Twilio Data Track API Browser Messaging with WebRTC and the Twilio Data Track API

    Twilio Programmable Video is a robust service based on the WebRTC open standard, which enables real-time communications for web browsers and mobile devices. One of the lesser known features of WebRTC is the ability to stream data in addition to video and audio. The data track is often used to send information that annotates or complements the media streams, but it is also possible to build applications that do not use video and audio and just use the WebRTC data tracks to communicate.

    In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use the Twilio Data Track API while building a small browser-to-browser messaging application. The application is going to have a small Flask back end dedicated to the generation of Access Tokens, and a vanilla JavaScript front end that will be able to send real-time notifications to other running instances of the application.

    project demo


    To build this …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Add Holiday Themed Filters and Overlays to Your React Video Chat App with Twilio's DataTrack API holiday.png

    This article is going to teach you how to use the Twilio Programmable Video DataTrack API to add shareable holiday themed filters and overlays to your React video chat app. You’ll be provided with some holiday themed overlays as you carry out the tutorial, but you can apply this knowledge to make any type of filter or overlay!

    You won’t be building a new video chat app from scratch, but adding to a basic video chat app that already exists instead.


    Before moving forward, make sure you have the following accounts and tools:

    Project set up

    Clone the repository

    Your first step is to clone the existing video chat app from GitHub. Alternatively, if you followed along with the Build a Custom Video Chat App article, you can use the code you wrote …

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  • By Rob Brazier
    Announcing Programmable Video DataTracks API Programmable Video DataTracks API
    • Share and synchronize real-time data among Room Participants.
    • Build shared whiteboarding, collaboration features, and augmented reality apps.
    • Available in Programmable Video’s Peer-to-Peer and Group Rooms today.
    • Media Sync API to synchronize messages with real-time audio and video streams—coming soon.
    • Join us at Kranky Geek on October 27 for a live demo.

    If you’ve built an app with our Programmable Video SDKs, you are familiar with the concept of Tracks. Tracks represent an individual stream of audio from a microphone or video from a camera, shared by a Participant in one of your Programmable Video Rooms.

    Today we’ve added another API that should help you make your Programmable Video apps just a bit richer. DataTracks—a simple API for publishing real-time data among Room Participants lets you build shared whiteboarding, collaboration features, augmented reality apps, and more. And coming soon, the Media Sync API will let you synchronize these messages with …

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