Choose Your Own Adventure Presentations: Wizard Mode Part 1 of 3

Mickey Mouse as a wizard. Photo by JD Hancock.

You’ve coded your way through the harrowing challenges of the first Choose Your Own Adventure Presentations tutorial. A sign lies in the road ahead. “PyCon has summoned you to give a Choose Your Own Adventure talk in Montreal!” it reads. ————— How do you proceed? If you choose to run from the PyCon challenge, close the browser window now. If you accept the challenge, prepare yourself… Read More

Adding MMS Support To The Rapid Response Kit


Communication is a huge part of our lives and it is never more important than during times of need. When something bad happens or you need to make an important change in your life, communication is the medium with which you begin that process. We developed Rapid Response Kit to facilitate that communication during those times by providing a set of tools that could be downloaded… Read More

Twilio on Rails – Integrating Twilio With Your Rails 4 App


In this blog post I’m going to walk you through the basics of integrating Twilio with your Rails 4 application. We’ll cover signing-up for Twilio, purchasing a phone number and connecting that phone number to your Rails app. But first I’d like to tell you a story. Long before I joined Twilio and became a Developer Evangelist I was a small business owner who needed to… Read More

Twilio Tech Talk Video: Design, Code, and Act Like A Superhero

When developers and designers come together, they solve curious cases and they give us all super powers. That’s what we found out last week at our Designers and Developers Meetup, hosted at Twilio HQ. Rebecca Bortman, front end designer at SnapGuide, broke down how we can all unleash our superhero powers and make ourselves and our team more awesome-er. Twilions Nina Mehta and Danielle Leong talked… Read More

Eventr Captures Twilio Prize at Angel Hack SF

On March 3rd the startup communities in Boston and San Francisco converged on Angel Hack, a bi-coastal hackathon that attracted hundreds of developers who had 30 hours to build an app from scratch and pitch it to a panel of angel investors.  I attended the San Francisco event which was held at Adobe’s offices on Townsend St.  I had a font-row seat to a whirlwind of… Read More

New Developer Contest: Twilio for Sports

With baseball season in full swing and the basketball playoffs underway, we thought there’s no better time than now for a sports themed developer contest. Rather than a hoop, base, or pylon, the goal of this week’s contest is to get the developer community thinking about how they can use Twilio to take their favorite sport to the next level. Use Twilio to make an app to… Read More