Developer Contest: Drupal and Twilio Join Forces for DrupalCon

DrupalCon 2012 is coming soon, where a worldwide community will descend upon Denver to discuss publishing, theming, best practices, modules and all-things Drupal. This only happens two times a year, so in celebration of the module-fueled event we’re paring up with the Drupal Association for this extended developer contest. The Challenge: Twilio + Drupal = Epic Module Create a Drupal module with Twilio integration for this 2012 DrupalCon…. Read More

Developer Contest: Hack in the New Year with an App for DOers

It’s a brand new year and the time to jump into new challenges and start drawing fucking owls. Say farewell to 2011 and welcome 2012 with a hack for the age of DOers. Being the very first developer contest to kick off the new year, this theme focuses on making 2012 the best year ever. 2012 is about thinking big, taking risks, and “DOing” the only way Twilions know… Read More

API Mashup Developer Contest: A Rube Goldberg Holiday

The holidays are upon us! This means lots of napping, big meals, more napping, and too much time with family. The best part? Extra time for hacking. So we thought an extra special API mashup developer challenge would be perfect over the extended holidays, with just a smidge of holiday cheer. The Challenge: Build a Digital Rube Goldberg machine This would be an hyper-engineered machine that accomplishes a… Read More

Hack Til You Drop With Our Shopified Holiday Developer Contest

With barely enough time to recover from your tryptophan-induced Turkey Day coma, the holiday shopping season is already upon us.  Black Friday sales grabbed big headlines over the weekend, setting up what promises to be a record breaking Cyber Monday, and pushing us all into a commerce-fueled frenzy of flash sales and irresistable savings. We’re not immune to the rush of deep discounts here at Twilio,… Read More

Set Your Receivers To Boost – This Is London Calling

Just over three weeks ago, Twilio announced our expansion into Europe and the demand is positively rabid.  Twilio phone numbers in the United Kingdom has opened up new levels of trans-Atlantic possibility to our developer community, from opening up existing apps to a new market to forging new Twilio-powered products that cut the headaches out of international communication. In celebration of this successful launch, we’re inviting… Read More

Get Siri-ous with Twilio

Since the iPhone 4S dropped, developers have set themselves immediately to the task of twisting Siri to their own ends.  the voice-based personal assistant that made waves with the exclusive launch of the iPhone 4S, Siri is Apple’s shot at giving the smart phone user their very own admin.  4S owners speak natural language phrases to the app and Siri intends to handle it in the… Read More

Get Wired In With Twilio Presence

Hot off the heels of our Twilio Connect contest, this week we’re taking our contests realtime with Twilio Presence.  We launched this feature for Twilio Client at our first-ever Twilio Conference and ever since developers have been integrating it with their Client implementations to display information on which Twilio Clients are connected. Implementation is easy – simply add Twilio Client’s new .presence() to your Twilio Device and your app… Read More

Free Your App With The Twilio Connect Free-For-All

Two weeks ago all of us at Twilio HQ were very excited to unveil Twilio Connect, the hotly anticipated, oft-requested ability to let your users run your Twilio app with their own Twilio credits.  In its short life so far, it is already proving to be a huge boon to developers participating in competitions, allowing you to write your app without worrying about draining your account… Read More

Twilio and Windows 8: Your Ticket to a Samsung Tablet

Last week in Anaheim Microsoft launched the next generation of Windows-based desktop and tablet applications with the introduction of Windows 8, Metro and Windows Runtime. The fortunate Windows developers in attendance received a Samsung Windows 8 tablet computer to start building their apps on. We thought about it and decided that instead of keeping the one we received for ourselves, it would be way more fun to give… Read More