New Developer Contest: Twilio First Aid for Your Fitness

Can telephony and text messages serve as a band aid for your personal health? We want to find out with this week’s developer contest where we explore the world of staying healthy using Twilio. Kicking off today, we’re figuring out how to keep the working developer alive and healthy with Twilio Client. Use Twilio Client to dial up some workout tunes on your laptop with elapsed… Read More

New Developer Contest: Power Up Sales With Twilio

For our developer contest this week we’re challenging you to use Twilio Client to power up customer management and sales. Use Client to build a call management tool for a sales team, an intelligent click-to-call system, or anything else that helps improves sales and you could win: A brand new 11″ MacBook Air A full pass to the Twilio <Conference> (Sept 21st-22nd) $100 in Twilio credit… Read More

New Developer Contest: Twilio & Box

Last week, we kicked off the release of Twilio Client with a bang. We wanted to keep the fireworks going, so today we’re announcing a huge partner contest with our friends at Box. Box’s platform allows businesses to securely store, manage, and share content. For this contest, you’ll have two weeks to create an interesting application that combines Twilio’s API (bonus points for using Twilio Client)… Read More

New Developer Contest: Twilio + DotCloud

For this week’s developer contest, we’ve partnered with our friends at DotCloud. Unlike most PaaS providers that are centered around a single language (Orchestra for PHP, AppHarbor for .NET, and so on), DotCloud, let’s you easily build your own, custom stack. For example, you could be running a classic PHP/MySQL setup and with just a few edits of a config file, swap out MySQL for MongoDB…. Read More

New Developer Contest: Power Up Conferencing with Twilio

It’s easy to create simple conference calls using Twilio’s <Conference> verb. For this week’s developer contest, we’d like to see how you could take conferencing to the next level. For example, used Twilio to create “impossibly simple conference calling”—just add a meeting in your Google Calendar and all the participants get called automatically when it’s time for the conference, no need to remember conference PIN… Read More

New Developer Contest: Plug In to OpenVBX

We built OpenVBX and released it to the community to share our idea of what’s possible with Twilio, for this contest, we’d like to see developers in the community take it to the next level. OpenVBX has a plugin system that allows you to extend its functionality in powerful ways. There are plugins that integrate into helpdesk systems, and ones that allow you to intelligently route… Read More

New Developer Contest: Twilio + Freshbooks

For this week’s developer contest, we’re partnering up with our friends at Freshbooks. Use Twilio and the Freshbooks API to create an interesting mashup and you could win an iPad 2 along with a bunch of other great prizes. Since this contest is a little more involved, we’re going to run it for two weeks. We’ll be posting a tutorial this Wednesday that helps you get… Read More