Congratulations Jack Danger Canty, You've Won The Twilio New API Contest!

The TwilioContactable rubygem is a library of code that allows Ruby developers to automate the validation of phone numbers both by voice and SMS. This gem provides drop-in support to existing Rails/Sinatra/Rack apps allowing developers to ensure that their users, businesses, and clients own their phone numbers and can receive messages via voice or text message. TwilioContactable is more than a useful gem. It is also… Read More

Win lunch with Albert, Fred and Brad from Union Square Ventures

It has been an exciting past couple weeks here at Twilio with the new API rolling out and yesterday’s lower pricing announcement. The Twilio community is as fired up as we’ve ever seen and we wanted to put together the ultimate prize for an aspiring developer or startup that uses Twilio to create a business. For this contest, we’re giving away a trip to New York… Read More

New prizes, new deadline, and a new chance to win this week's Twilio developer contest!

Last week we launched a new API with some of the most popular features you requested. To celebrate the new API, our contest last week was the always popular ‘Anything Goes’ category, with huge bonus points if you used any of the new API features. We got a lot of great entries, but we know that hacking on a holiday weekend doesn’t work for everyone. So… Read More

Imaneed Wins Twilio Location-based App Contest

Imaneed is a service that provides a way for people to find neighbors who can help them out quickly. It is also the winner of the Twilio location-based app netbook contest! Congratulations to Matt Lally, your netbook is on the way! To use the service, a person looking for help sends in a text request to 954-876-4128 telling Imaneed their location and what they’re looking for…. Read More

Ben Morris wins Twilio/MongoDB Contest with PhoneTap!

Ben Morris’ brother is a journalist who conducts a lot of phone interviews. Needing a simpler way to record the calls than holding a microphone up to the phone, Ben was inspired to build PhoneTap, the winner of our Twilio and MongoDB netbook contest. PhoneTap enables you to record a phone call and then download a MP3 recording when the call is completed. To use PhoneTap… Read More

Build a location-based app using Twilio for a chance to win a netbook

This week for our developer contest we’re challenging you to use Twilio voice and/or SMS in a location-based app.  You could win a Netbook and $100 in developer credit from Twilio if you come up with the most unique, powerful, creative submission. How can you use voice or SMS combined with someone’s current location to help them accomplish something or communicate with others? With the proliferation of… Read More

PhoneTree for Windows Phone 7 Wins Twilio Netbook Contest!

PhoneTree is a group messaging application that lets someone pre-define a list of contacts on their Windows Phone 7 device, and send them all an SMS or voice message with the tap of a button. The app was written by Barranger Ridler to make it easier for those in a hectic situation (like being in labor) to quickly update friends and family and allow them to… Read More

Twilio and MongoDB team up for this week's netbook contest!

For this week’s developer contest, we’re challenging you to build the best use of Twilio and MongoDB in the same application. Since almost every app out there needs a database, we’re leaving the door wide open for any kind of application you can dream up. In addition to the standard prize of a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit, MongoDB is also giving a way a… Read More

Aaron Foss, You've Won a Netbook from Twilio for MedTaker!

Congratulations to Aaron Foss, creator of MedTaker, for winning the Twilio “Health and Fitness” developer contest! MedTaker takes advantage of the ubiquity of the phone to help people remember to take their medication while at the same time periodically checking in on their wellbeing. As the population gets older, more and more people are taking life-saving medications. Especially with cancer and HIV drugs, timing is vitally… Read More