New Developer Contest: Windows Phone 7 – Ends Sunday August 15th

Windows Phone 7 is a new smartphone platform that makes it easy for any developer to build mobile apps that leverage the .NET Framework, Silverlight and XNA. For this week’s netbook contest, we’re challenging you to build the best Windows Phone 7 application that uses Twilio. The best submission will win a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit. Getting Started You can get started building WP7… Read More

Chris Bennett of Wins Twilio's "Anything Goes" Contest for AS Journal

Chris Bennett’s girlfriend Janet has a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis, a rare and painful disease that can lead to permanent fusing of the spine. Doctors recommended keeping a symptom log to track how she was feeling while being treated. Chris, being the good boyfriend that he is, wanted to make this process as easy as possible for Janet. Nobody carries around a pen and paper but… Read More

Save Time With TaskRabbit – oDesk Meets

Life is full of so many little details that need attending to all the time.  Would you rather be coding up your next prize winner Twilio app, or assembling IKEA furniture?  What about getting a ride to the airport, or grocery shopping. Fortunately, with TaskRabbit you can delegate these tasks to “runners” who you pay by the hour to help you get things done. Want to… Read More

New Twilio Netbook Contest: Health and Fitness

This week for our developer contest we’re challenging you to use Twilio voice and/or SMS to help people help be more fit and healthy.  You could win a Netbook and $100 in developer credit from Twilio if you come up with the most unique, powerful, creative submission. How can you leverage communication via voice or SMS to help people track their fitness progress, achieve their exercise goals,… Read More

Congratulations to Abine, Winner of Twilio's Firefox Extensions Developer Contest

Abine is a free Firefox extension for online privacy from “The online privacy company” of the same name. It is also the winner of our Firefox extensions contest. Abine makes it easy to manage your privacy online, including using Twilio to mask your phone number while registering for services. Congratulations to Rob Shavell and the rest of the team at Abine. Your netbook and $100 in… Read More

New Twilio Netbook Contest: Anything Goes!

Every week we pick a category for our netbook contest. Sometimes members of our community tell us that they want to submit an app, but it doesn’t fit into any of the categories we pick. If you fall into this category, this week’s contest is for you! The contest category for this week is Anything Goes. To qualify, submit an app/mashup/plugin/open source project/etc. that uses Twilio,… Read More

Past Twilio Contest Winner Diner Connection Launches

Congratulations to Geoffrey and Shawna Simpson, who have launched Diner Connection.  The launch was announced Wednesday in a press release by Moxie Software, the company which the couple co-founded. You might remember a Twilio-powered application called Waiting4Table, which we featured when they won the 2nd week of the Twilio developer contest.  A lot has happened since then! What is Diner Connection? Have you ever visited a… Read More

Volunteer Kansas Wins Twilio Goes Green Netbook Contest!

Congratulations Michael Cantrell and Volunteer Kansas, you are the winner of last week’s Go Green with Twilio netbook contest! Michael has won a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit. Volunteer Kansas is an organization that exists to match up people with volunteer opportunities. These opportunities run the full gamut of volunteer work, including work for numerous environmental causes and groups. Using Technology to Inspire Action Each… Read More

New Twilio Netbook Contest: Firefox Extensions!

Firefox Extensions can help you add new functionality and features to your browser. For this week’s Twilio developer contest, we’re challenging you to create extensions for Mozilla Firefox that use the Twilio APIs. Getting Started Building Firefox Extensions Think building Firefox extensions is hard? It’s not. Using Mozilla Labs Jetpack, if you know HTML/JavaScript/CSS, you have the skills you need to get started. Jetpack even works with… Read More