Saving The Hackathon: Two Students Build A Twilio Powered Voting System In Minutes at HackMIT


Alex Chen and Jeremy Rubin (pictured right) might have single handedly saved HackMIT. It’s no small task to manage one of the largest student hackathons in the world. It’s a heroic task to ship a Twilio app that saves the entire hackathon– during the hackathon. Jeremy and Alex built a HackMIT call queue to route calls from their team members, and serve as a help line… Read More

The DOers of TwilioCon

TwilioCon DOers

At this year’s TwilioCon and TwilioCon Europe we recognized a few DOers who are changing lives for the better with communication technologies. Some DOers are using art to teach lessons in resource management. Some are tracking medicine shipments via SMS. Some are even making inanimate objects come to life with Twilio. We are amazed by what these DOers built, and the impact of their work. Here… Read More

A Letter to our Customers, the DOers

The world of communications is undergoing the largest change since the invention of the telephone. What was once stagnant, expensive, and esoteric – an industry still coasting on the legacies of national monopolies around the world – is becoming a vibrant hotbed of innovation due to one main thing – the rise of Software People who are changing everything. In fact, there are two important macro-changes… Read More

Startups from Five Developer Communities Featured in the TwilioCon Community Hall

At TwilioCon 2012, eighteen startups from five developer communities will be joining us in the Community Hall to demo their products. We’re excited for you to get to know these great companies and see what they are building. The Community Hall will be open throughout the conference on October 17th and 18th. It’s not too late to register for TwilioCon and meet these awesome startups in… Read More

London Calling: UK Mobile Innovators, Alexander Graham Bell and Kid Coders

This month was full of activities as we hit the road across the UK to meet DOers, learn code with young developers, be inspired by new entrepreneurs and more. August launched with the amazing Young Rewired State Festival of Code, a week-long event that encourages kids under 18 years old to code. During this year’s event, participants collaboratively built over 100 projects in 40 centres across… Read More

Your Milestone Stories: From First Calls to First Companies

In June we celebrated a huge milestone, reaching 100,000 developer accounts. In honor of this community of DOers, we asked you to share your milestone stories from experiences in your life related to entrepreneurship, hacking, and taking those scary leaps. Watch these inspiring stories on the Milestone Story page to get a true feel for what the Twilio community is building. We invited three of these… Read More

DOers in Africa: Empowering People Through Mobile Technology

This past June I was fortunate enough to play host to an entrepreneur by the name of Assane Seck.  Assane is the founder and CEO of Djanoa, a cloud SMS platform that is currently in beta in Senegal.  Assane was visiting the U.S. as part of the Innovation Summit and Mentoring Partnership with Young African Leaders, a three-week professional development program sponsored by the U.S. State… Read More

15 Startups Earn a Spot on the DOer Express to the International Startup Festival

We were overwhelmed with the incredible submissions for this unique bus ride to Startup Festival 2012. With so many great pitches, it was difficult to narrow down the choices. We chose the winners based on their entrepreneurial passion and readiness to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of them. We are very excited to announce the 15 startups joining us on the DOer… Read More

Celebrating 100,000 Heroes with Your Milestone Moments

Today we’re celebrating you, the DOers and heroes who are changing the way we communicate. We couldn’t have done it without you, and together we’ve passed a huge milestone reaching 100,000 developer accounts. In celebration of what you do, we want to highlight the milestones you’ve achieved. Share your milestone moment with us in a short video.  Your contribution will be part of a special feature… Read More