London’s Tech Community Funds Shoreditch’s Village Hall, A Place for DOers


Here in the Twilio Europe office, right in the heart of London, we’re always hearing about cool and exciting projects happening in the local tech scene. London is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities for doers, builders, dreamers and creators that I’ve ever had the fortune to live in – and this week, we’re absolutely over the moon to be supporting a great project… Read More

TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon: DialTalent, TextAngel Win Top Prizes

Amidst a sea of burrito wrappers, empty Red Bull cans and glowing computer screens, TwilioCon hackers built 47 projects in just 6 hours during last night’s TwilioCon Hackathon. Below find out what was built and who took home the top prizes. Here’s a great recap of the event, and photos are live on Facebook. Thank you to our sponsors Amazon Web Services, Box, Dropbox, Ducksboard, Google, Heroku, Mashery,… Read More

TwilioCon 2012: The 12 Keynote DOers

This morning on stage, Jeff Lawson highlighted 12 teams of people that embody the spirit of challenge and are driving the change we see in the future of communications. These DOers are launching apps that can help the deaf communicate, help people prepare for natural disasters and allow you to control physical devices via the Internet of Things. Meet these developers and entrepreneurs who are building… Read More

Your Milestone Stories: From First Calls to First Companies

In June we celebrated a huge milestone, reaching 100,000 developer accounts. In honor of this community of DOers, we asked you to share your milestone stories from experiences in your life related to entrepreneurship, hacking, and taking those scary leaps. Watch these inspiring stories on the Milestone Story page to get a true feel for what the Twilio community is building. We invited three of these… Read More

DOers in Action: Elizabeth Naramore Talks Life at Engine Yard and the PHP Community

If you’re active in the PHP community you know the name Elizabeth Naramore – and if you aren’t you probably still know of Elizabeth. By day she is the Community Manager at Engine Yard, focused on the Orchestra PHP platform. By evening she is a code ninja, mother, and impressive member of the developer community. Elizabeth built these two Twilio apps in her spare time and wrote… Read More

DOers in Action: Kunal Batra of General Machines

Kunal Batra is the founder of General Machines, a new startup whose goal it is to use Machine Learning to solve real world problems. Right now Kunal is working on multiple Twilio-powered services to help connect people who otherwise could not communicate with each other. The first service, Deaftel, allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing speak with hearing users. Another communication tool, Universal… Read More

DOers in Action: Behind the Scenes of Cat Facts SMS App

Akiva Bamberger is a software engineer at Google. While lurking on reddit one night, he came across a post where a user was manually sending his friends cat facts via SMS. Akiva was inspired to write his own “cat facts” app. Using Twilio SMS and App Engine, he quickly wrote Cat Facts, to the delight of reddit readers and cat fanatics everywhere. Below is a guest… Read More

DOers in Action: Ricky Robinett, NYC Developer

Meet Ricky Robinett, a DOer extrodinaire and long-time Twilio developer among many other talents. Ricky is the master-mind behind Your Fake Girlfriend, Sndchk and the recently launched Happstr. Though he moonlights by the evening as a code hero, by day he is the Lead Developer of Integrations at TargetSpot in New York. Read his blog Eat, Code, Repeat and follow him on Twitter @RickyRobinett. How was your experience… Read More