DOer Lyle Pratt Launches BuildANumber alongside BetterVoicemail

Lyle Pratt is a DOer by nature, with a business-focused education on paper, he’s been writing software for years. After missing API Hack Day because of the flu, Lyle reached out to share with us the app he built anyways – talk about hack commitment. What he built was an add on to his current start up BetterVoicemail, an app that allows users to simply build… Read More

DOers in Action: Behind the Scenes of Cat Facts SMS App

Akiva Bamberger is a software engineer at Google. While lurking on reddit one night, he came across a post where a user was manually sending his friends cat facts via SMS. Akiva was inspired to write his own “cat facts” app. Using Twilio SMS and App Engine, he quickly wrote Cat Facts, to the delight of reddit readers and cat fanatics everywhere. Below is a guest… Read More

DOers in Action: The OutCall Gives you an Escape from Bad Meetings

Sometimes you find yourself in a meeting that you can’t escape from, or perhaps a date that just isn’t going the right direction. Developer and DOer Abir Majumdar used this dilemma, along with a desire to explore Twilio with Ruby on Rails, as an inspiration to build The OutCall. This crafty web app lets you schedule an incoming call to your phone so you can excuse yourself from… Read More

Twilio and Rails 3: Tracking SMS Conversations

Alex Meyer is a developer and a DOer. While building a Twilio Powered app on Rails 3, he ran into a problem but quickly developed the solution. Below is a detailed post by Alex on tracking SMS conversations built with Twilio on Rails 3.  He is the founder of stealth startup Ordext, an SMS restaurant ordering service, that is built on Ruby on Rails and powered by Twilio…. Read More

Sketchnotes: TwilioCon 2011 Through a Pencil’s Eye

Alexis Finch has a special eye when it comes to tech talks and presentations, and she translates them into amazingly detailed Sketchnotes. Highlighting top items from a presentation, Alexis captures the high level thoughts and gives them to us in an awesome visual form. Check out her Sketchnotes below from this year’s Twilio Conference 2011. Adrian McDermott talks Zendesk Adrian McDermott, VP of Engineering at Zendesk,… Read More