DrupalCon Hits Denver for a Module-Fueled Good Time

Last week Drupal enthusiasts from around the world came together in Denver for DrupalCon. My second time around with this event, I always enjoy the “Birds of a Feature” or BoF sessions that allow for a variety of topics from core development to theming to DrupalChix.  The conference overall is a valuable experience with the Drupal community, below is just a sample of the awesome events from the… Read More

Developer Contest: Drupal and Twilio Join Forces for DrupalCon

DrupalCon 2012 is coming soon, where a worldwide community will descend upon Denver to discuss publishing, theming, best practices, modules and all-things Drupal. This only happens two times a year, so in celebration of the module-fueled event we’re paring up with the Drupal Association for this extended developer contest. The Challenge: Twilio + Drupal = Epic Module Create a Drupal module with Twilio integration for this 2012 DrupalCon…. Read More