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Retail SMS In-Stock Reminders with Twilio

DOer Timmy Crawford is the developer behind Cone Patrol, the Twilio-powered app serving up your powder alerts for northwest during the snow season. He is…Full Article

Using Twilio for E-commerce with Order Status, Payments, & Support

Last week we challenged Twilio developers to use our telephony API to build applications that support online commerce.  Evan wrote up a list of uses…Full Article

This Week's Contest: Ecommerce

For week #22 of the Twilio Netbook contest, the category is ecommerce.  We are looking for ways the Twilio API can be used to help facilitate commerce…Full Article

Ecommerce Solutons Provider Cularis Uses Twilio to Save Time & Money

In this blog post, Twilio customer Alan Wizemann talks about how his company Cularis, an eCommerce solution provider, is saving time and money by routing…Full Article