Top Hat Monocle Helps Students Learn More Using Classroom Tools Powered by Twilio SMS

Walk into any school lecture and you will notice how many students are looking at their phones and how few are looking at the teacher. It’s no wonder that so many teachers try to discourage the use of cell phones and tablets. But Mike Silagadze, the co-founder of Top Hat Monocle, wanted to try a different approach. He wondered what would happen if the power of… Read More

Get 24/7 Access to Tutors via Twilio-powered Wonder-Space Mobile

Wonder-Space Mobile (WSM) focuses on developing education-based mobile applications for grades K-12. WSM develops all content in house and is focused on the Android platform for the 2011-2012 academic year. Currently, they are contracted in Texas and Michigan to work with low performing schools to improve their academic skill levels. Students access the content via web and Android devices that either WSM or the school district… Read More

Twilio for Education: Helping Students, Teachers, and Parents

We have not one, but two Twilio developer contest winners this week.  Congratulations to Levi Kennedy (right) and Carlos Pero (left), who both build Twilio applications focused on education. Both submissions help with notifications around absences; however, they’ve tackled the use case from two different perspectives: teachers communicating with students, and parents communicating with the school. by Levi Kennedy allows professors to connect with… Read More