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Email API posts

  • By Phil Nash
    Twilio SendGridとNode.jsを使用してメール問い合わせフォームを構築 How to build an email contact form with SendGrid and Node JP

    この記事はPhil Nashこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。


    本稿では、Twilio SendGridベースの開発プロジェクトの一例として、ウェブサイト上で問い合わせフォームを構築し、メールアドレスを公開することなく問い合わせのメールを受け取れるようにする方法を説明します。

    プロジェクトはTwilio Functionsも使って構築しますが、本稿でご紹介するコードはあらゆるNode.js環境での使用に対応しています。


    ユーザーがお問合せフォームを送信した際は、お問合せフォームを入力した人のメールアドレスを送信元とするメールがウェブサイト運営者に送信されることがよくあります。しかし、メール送信に関する信頼性を維持するため、Twilio SendGridは単一送信元として検証されたアドレス、または認証済みのドメインからの送信しか許可しません。

    そのため、提供されたメールアドレスをfromアドレスとして使用する代わりに、reply-toアドレスに設定できます。この方法であれば、Twilio SendGridは認証済みメールアドレスからメールを送信する一方で、受信 …

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  • By Will Johnson
    Send Email After Password Changes with SendGrid and Auth0 Actions Send Email After Password changes with sendgrid and auth0 actions


    The security of your customers’ data is essential and goes beyond just the application. Alerting customers when their account information changes, such as a username or password, is a great way to show customers you're looking out for them. You can pair Twilio SendGrid with Auth0 Actions to email users when their passwords change to build another layer of trust.

    This blog post will walk you through sending a password change email using SendGrid’s Mail Send endpoint with Auth0 Actions.


    • A free Twilio SendGrid Account – Sign up here.
    • A free Auth0 Account – Sign up here
    • An application in your Auth0 account. If you don't have one, you can use one of the Auth0 Quickstarts with a sample application.

    Set up SendGrid

    Before sending emails using SendGrid, you'll need to verify your Sender Identity and generate your API key. Verify the Sender Identity to confirm that …

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  • By Phil Nash
    How to build an email contact form with SendGrid and Node.js How to build an email contact form with SendGrid and Node.js

    Displaying your email address on a website can result in your email being scraped and used for spam. One way to get around this, but still allow people to contact you from your website, is to build a contact form.

    In this post you will build a contact form using SendGrid to deliver emails to your inbox without exposing your email address.

    You will build the project with Twilio Functions, but you could adapt the code to use in any Node.js environment.

    How is this different to sending an email with an API?

    When someone fills in a contact form, you might expect to receive an email in your inbox from their email address. However, to maintain a good email sending reputation, SendGrid only allows you to send emails from addresses that you have verified individually or from domains you have authenticated.

    So, instead of using the submitted …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    How to Send SMTP Emails in Node.js With SendGrid Send Email in Node.js Using SMTP with Twilio SendGrid

    When it comes to email services in application development, a hosted email API – such as Twilio SendGrid – is the way to go as it offers ways to customize the setup to your needs. However, you may want to send emails through SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) if it is already on your existing platform and since it is an email standard that's used universally. Luckily, Twilio SendGrid offers an SMTP Relay service without having to set up your own server. You’ll also still have access to in-depth metrics, analytics tracking, increased deliverability rates and even more SendGrid features through the X-SMTPAPI header.

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to send out emails through Twilio SendGrid’s SMTP Relay in Node.js.

    If you have the option and are still deciding whether to integrate SendGrid through our API or SMTP Relay, we highly recommend using our Web API. SMTP …

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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    How to Send a Text via Email (And an Email via Text): A Simple Guide email to sms

    Whether you’re in a pickle and need to reach someone quickly or you’re trying to connect with a customer through their preferred channel, sending an email to text (or a text to email) is sometimes the best solution.

    In this post, we’ll show you how to do both in just a few minutes. Plus, we offer an alternative that uses APIs to scale your two-way email to text communications.

    How to send an email to text

    If you’ve ever found yourself in an airport with no cell phone service but with free Wi-Fi, you can imagine how useful it is to send an SMS via email.

    While it’s not common for businesses to use SMS gateways to send text messages via email, this option can come in handy in a pinch. For example, you can send emergency alerts from your email directly to recipients’ phones to ensure they see them …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Build an Email Newsletter Application with Express, Node.js and SendGrid Newsletter app node.js sendgrid header


    Consumers of all kinds are constantly having information sent their way.

    But if you’re looking for a way to connect and establish a touch point with your audience, sending out a newsletter is a great way to grab their attention. Newsletters are a must-have for businesses and can build engagement with new and existing customers.

    Twilio SendGrid has the perfect solution when it comes to building a newsletter system: Marketing Campaigns. And although there are many non-technical services available that make this process painless, building out your own system allows you to have complete transparency and customization of the system.

    The mighty SendGrid API is a terrific solution to create your own newsletter system. With marketing tools such as Email List Management, the API doesn’t lose out on controllability.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to build an app that allows users to sign up, confirm, and …

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  • By Len Shneyder
    Twilio Emailを数字で見る〜'21年秋冬ホリデーシーズン TSG-Email-BFCM-2021-jp

    この記事は、インダストリーマーケティング担当のLen Shneyderが、こちら(英語)で執筆した記事を日本語化したものです。

    11月末の米国のホリデーシーズンを振り返る時期になりました。Eメールの世界では、このホリデーシーズン(ブラックフライデーとサイバーマンデー)は、スポーツの世界のワールドカップ、スーパーボウル、スタンレーカップ、ワールドシリーズ、オリンピックなどが同時並行で実施されるような規模の出来事(あくまでも例えです 😁)として捉えられます。2021年のホリデーシーズンは2020年に比べれば、人びとのショッピングに対する期待度の点で確かに改善されていると言えますが、パンデミック前の2019年とは比べものになりません。とはいえ、2019年から今年2021年のホリデーシーズンにおいて一貫しているのは、顧客を惹きつけ、ホリデーショッピングシーズンを盛り上げる手段として、Eメールに驚くほど依存していることです。


    Twilio SendGridにおけるEメールトラフィックの処理量は、今年2021年も大幅に伸長しました。Twilio SendGridプラットフォームはブラックフライデー(BF)に約68億通、サイバーマンデー(CM)に70億通超のEメールを処理しましたが、これは2020年からの対前年比(YoY)で各々16.9%、22.2%の伸びとなっています。Twilio SendGridプラットフォームは、1時間あたり5.3億APIリクエストという再繁時バーストレートを維持しながら、優れたパフォーマンスを発揮しました。 …

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  • By Phil Nash
    How to Add Email Notifications to Your Node.js SMS App How to Add Email Notifications to Your Node.js SMS App

    Sending notifications from your application means you can deliver your users relevant, timely and personalised information about their accounts or activity. You may have already built SMS notifications into your application, perhaps by following this Node.js tutorial on ETA notifications, but can we improve the experience? Your customers may want to receive notifications that are easily referenceable later or choose the channel through which they receive alerts.

    In this post, we will explore how email notifications can work alongside SMS notifications for account alerts, and walk through how to build them into your application using the Twilio SendGrid Email API.

    What you'll need

    To follow along with the code and build the application in this post you will need:

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  • By Steph Moorhead
    A Year of 1 Trillion Emails: The Customers Who Sent Them A YEAR OF 1 TRILLION EMAILS - 2340x1000 - NO TEXT@2x.png

    This article originally appeared on the Twilio SendGrid blog.

    During a year of change, email has become an even more crucial connection between businesses and their customers. Email engagement increased by 200% in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As more customers stay at home, checking the inbox has become a regular part of customers’ daily routines—day and night, we check-in with our favorite brands and organizations. 

    In 2020, Twilio SendGrid kept businesses connected to their customers by reliably processing over 1 trillion emails. Imagine 1 trillion letter-sized pieces of paper lined up end to end. That’s 173 million miles—long enough to travel to Mars and back when it's closest to Earth. Twice!

    This incredible feat would not have been possible without our customers: senders both large and small who trusted us to deliver email to their customers. To celebrate this milestone, here’s a look at a few …

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