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  • By Similoluwa Adegoke
    How to build an Email Newsletter application using ASP.NET Core and SendGrid How to build an Email Newsletter using ASP.NET Core and SendGrid

    Sending out newsletters is a great way to keep your audience up-to-date on the latest news. There are existing newsletter products like SendGrid Email Marketing, however, in a scenario where the client demands more customization, building a newsletter app yourself using the SendGrid Email API is a great alternative.

    The advantage of building your own newsletter application is that you can control the nuts and bolts of the system and still maximize deliverability and measure engagement with SendGrid.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a newsletter app using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages and SendGrid.

    Solution Overview

    Every newsletter application involves two parties: the subscriber of the newsletter, and the author of the newsletter.

    The subscriber's journey goes like this: The soon-to-be subscriber fills out a form to subscribe that includes their email address and other details (depending on your business needs). When the subscriber submits the …

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  • By Daniel Diaz
    Build an Email Activation Flow with Django and SendGrid Build an Email Activation Flow with Django and SendGrid

    Any web application that includes authentication processes should have some sort of email activation flow. If you don’t, you’re decreasing the possibility of contacting your users and opening a door for spammers to create fake accounts and affect your website.

    This tutorial will teach you how to build confirmation emails to verify users’ registration using Django and SendGrid.

    Django has a built-in mail sending interface, which we’ll be using to send emails with SendGrid through the tutorial.

    After we finish, you’ll have an authentication system that requires users to verify their account with a confirmation email.

    We’ll create a complete project from scratch but if you already have one, don’t hesitate in following along with this tutorial.

    Whenever you want a quick reference to the code, you can visit this GitHub repository.


    To complete this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Receive SMS Alerts for Email Opens and Clicks with Twilio SendGrid and Node.js SMS alerts for email opens and clicks header image (2)

    When it comes to messaging applications, read receipts are a common feature that allow you to know if your recipient has read your message. For email applications, this feature is very uncommon; however, when sending marketing and especially important emails, it's sometimes vital to know and keep track of whether your recipients have opened and read your email.

    When using Twilio SendGrid, keeping track of email engagement is seamless through Event Webhooks. Event Webhooks not only track the delivery status of your emails but also engagement events such as if an email has been opened or a link within an email has been clicked. Pairing open and click tracking for emails with Twilio’s Programmable SMS API will ensure you’re up to date on the status of your important emails.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to track and send SMS alerts for open and click events for your …

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  • By Phil Nash
    Twilio SendGridとNode.jsを使用してメール問い合わせフォームを構築 How to build an email contact form with SendGrid and Node JP

    この記事はPhil Nashこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。


    本稿では、Twilio SendGridベースの開発プロジェクトの一例として、ウェブサイト上で問い合わせフォームを構築し、メールアドレスを公開することなく問い合わせのメールを受け取れるようにする方法を説明します。

    プロジェクトはTwilio Functionsも使って構築しますが、本稿でご紹介するコードはあらゆるNode.js環境での使用に対応しています。


    ユーザーがお問合せフォームを送信した際は、お問合せフォームを入力した人のメールアドレスを送信元とするメールがウェブサイト運営者に送信されることがよくあります。しかし、メール送信に関する信頼性を維持するため、Twilio SendGridは単一送信元として検証されたアドレス、または認証済みのドメインからの送信しか許可しません。

    そのため、提供されたメールアドレスをfromアドレスとして使用する代わりに、reply-toアドレスに設定できます。この方法であれば、Twilio SendGridは認証済みメールアドレスからメールを送信する一方で、受信 …

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  • By Will Johnson
    Send Email After Password Changes with SendGrid and Auth0 Actions Send Email After Password changes with sendgrid and auth0 actions


    The security of your customers’ data is essential and goes beyond just the application. Alerting customers when their account information changes, such as a username or password, is a great way to show customers you're looking out for them. You can pair Twilio SendGrid with Auth0 Actions to email users when their passwords change to build another layer of trust.

    This blog post will walk you through sending a password change email using SendGrid’s Mail Send endpoint with Auth0 Actions.


    • A free Twilio SendGrid Account – Sign up here.
    • A free Auth0 Account – Sign up here
    • An application in your Auth0 account. If you don't have one, you can use one of the Auth0 Quickstarts with a sample application.

    Set up SendGrid

    Before sending emails using SendGrid, you'll need to verify your Sender Identity and generate your API key. Verify the Sender Identity to confirm that …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Twilio SendGridとNode.jsで登録者にメール通知を送信 Send Email Notifications to Subscribers with SendGrid and Node.js Header JP

    この記事はDhruv Patelこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。



    本稿では、メールによる価格通知システムを構築する方法を学びます。Sneaks APIを使用してスニーカーの価格を追跡し、特定のスニーカーの価格が下がるとTwilio SendGridのメールアラートを配信するシステムです。




    このセクションでは、まずTwilio SendGridアカウントを設定し、メール通知システムのベースを構築することで、環境設定を行います。

    Twilio SendGridのAPIキーを作成

    まず、Twilio SendGridのアカウントにログインし、管理コンソールの [API Keys] 画面に移動します。右上の [Create API Key](APIキーを作成)ボタンをクリックします。


    APIキーの名前を指定し、[Create & View](作成と表示)ボ …

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  • By Néstor Campos
    How to send Emails in C# .NET with FluentEmail, Razor, and SendGrid How to send Emails in C# .NET with FluentEmail and SendGrid

    You can send emails with the .NET libraries that come with the framework such as the APIs from the System.Net.Mail namespace. They are suitable for this kind of development, however, sometimes you need a more straightforward and powerful way to generate and send emails.

    In this post, you will learn how to generate and send emails using the FluentEmail library connected with Twilio SendGrid in a console project with .NET.


    You will need a free Twilio SendGrid account and some experience with the C# language and .NET platform to complete this tutorial. Sign up here to send up to 100 emails per day completely free of charge.

    Finally, you will need the following for your development environment:

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  • By Sam Agnew
    Using Event Webhooks for Emails with Twilio SendGrid in Node.js Copy of C02 Blog Text.png

    When sending emails with Twilio SendGrid, sometimes you want to be able to keep track of the status of these emails, such as when a recipient opens the message or reports it as spam. This is made possible by the use of Event Webhooks. Let's walk through how to use Node.js and Express to track the status of emails that you send.

    Prerequisites and dependencies

    Make sure you have the following before moving on:

    • Node.js and npm installed (do this first if you haven't already)
    • A free SendGrid account
    • An email address to test out this project
    • A domain on which you will receive emails. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to use You will need to replace it with your own domain name.

    We'll need to install the node modules for SendGrid and Express. To install these npm modules, navigate to the directory where …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Twilio SendGridでNode.jsを使いEメールを簡単に送信(SMTP編) Send Email in Node.js Using SMTP with Twilio SendGrid JP

    この記事はDhruv Patelこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    アプリケーション開発におけるメールサービスに関して言えば、Twilio SendGridなどのクラウド側でホストされているメールAPIを使用し、ニーズに合わせて設定をカスタマイズするとよいでしょう。ただし、既存のプラットフォームでSMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)がすでに有効な場合は、広く普及しているメール標準であるSMTP経由でメールを送信する方法を採用したい場合もあるでしょう。幸いなことに、Twilio SendGridではSMTPリレーサービスを提供していますので、自前のサーバーをセットアップする必要はありません。また、これまでどおり、詳細なメトリクス、分析のトラッキング、優れた配信率の恩恵を受けることができ、X-SMTPAPIヘッダーを介してSendGridの多くの機能も利用できます。

    このチュートリアルでは、Node.jsとTwilio SendGridのSMTPリレーを使ってメールを送信する方法について説明します。

    SendGridとの連携にWeb APIとSMTPリレーのどちらを使用するかを選択できる場合は、できるだけWeb APIを使用してください。SMTPでは、サーバーとクライアントの間で必要となるプロトコル処理が多いため、遅延が大きくなり、障害点が複数発生する可能性があります。詳細については、Se …

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  • By Matt Nikonorov
    How to Reference CSS Stylesheets in Email HTML Through PHP How to reference CSS Stylesheets in Email HTML Through PHP

    It is not possible to reference CSS stylesheets in HTML-based email, as you commonly would in a web-based application by using: <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">.

    Depending on your emails, this might be quite problematic. Luckily, there’s a way to overcome this limitation, which you'll learn in this tutorial.


    To follow along with this article, you’ll need the following:

    Using SendGrid with Composer

    In order to use SendGrid to send emails in PHP, you’ll need to install the SendGrid PHP API Library. Do this by running the command below.

    composer require sendgrid/sendgrid

    Retrieving a SendGrid API Key and Valid Sender identity

    You’ll need a SendGrid API key and a valid sender identity in order to send emails through PHP using SendGrid.

    First, to retrieve your SendGrid API key:

    1. Log into …
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