Twilio #TweekWeek Celebrates the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Two weeks ago, we tried an experiment at Twilio.  We gave everyone in R&D a week to work on any project they chose with whomever they wanted.  No product cycles, no specs, no meetings, no restrictions.  We called it Tweek. Of course providing employees with time to innovate outside of the usual framework isn’t new.  In the past at Twilio we’ve hosted half-day “fix-it-fridays” where engineers… Read More

DOers in Action: Kunal Batra of General Machines

Kunal Batra is the founder of General Machines, a new startup whose goal it is to use Machine Learning to solve real world problems. Right now Kunal is working on multiple Twilio-powered services to help connect people who otherwise could not communicate with each other. The first service, Deaftel, allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing speak with hearing users. Another communication tool, Universal… Read More

5 Cities Added to the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge

Last week we watched as several Startup Weekend teams worked hard to integrate Twilio into their projects for the chance to win their local Startup Weekend event, and become eligible to win the Twilio Startup Weekend Challenge and score Dell Netbooks for the entire team. We originally included 10 cities in the contest, but are excited to announce we have added 5 more to up the… Read More