Introducing Andrew Watson, Our New Developer Evangelist

My name is Andrew Watson and I’m a Twilio Developer Evangelist.  I’ll be focusing on OpenVBX and the community of developers that has been writing plugins for it and building applications on top of it. I started using Twilio in February of 2009 after I saw a company called ShoutNow pitch at StartupRiot in Atlanta.  They used it to automate the old fashioned phone tree problem…. Read More

Greetings from Brian Levine, Twilio Developer Evangelist

Hi, my name is Brian Levine and I have recently joined Twilio as a Developer Evangelist, focused on the West Coast. I have had fun creating Twilio applications and am delighted to join the team, and to share my knowledge and experience with other developers. My first Twilio project A couple of years ago I posted a for sale ad to Craigslist.  I wanted to include… Read More