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Event Streams posts

  • By Heather Hargreaves
    Send Twilio Events to Segment using Event Streams Banner for Send Twilio Events to Segment using Event Streams

    In this post, you will learn how to send Twilio events to Segment using Twilio Event Streams with a Segment Sink. This is an out of the box integration that requires no code to get started. We will also cover the benefits of using this integration, plus show you some use cases to help you optimize using Twilio and Segment together.


    To get started you will need:

    • A Twilio account with access to Event Streams – sign up here for a free developer account. See our documentation here on how to access Event Streams.
    • You will also need access to the Segment Sink – the documentation linked shows how to access it.
    • A Segment account – Sign up here for a trial account.

    What are Event Streams in Twilio?

    Event Streams is an API that allows you to configure centralized streams of event data directly into your infrastructure, so …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Voice Insights機能、より一層使いやすくなっています! TwVoiceInsightsRefreshJP

    この記事はMichael Carpenterこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio VoiceサービスのVoice Insights機能に関するドキュメントをご覧になるのが久しぶりという方もおられるでしょう。あるいは、RSSリーダーを設定してTwilioのchangelog*1からの通知内容をチェックしたり、Twitter上でTwilioのchangelogをフォローしたりする時間がないという方もおられるでしょう。でも大丈夫です。本稿では、過去数か月の間にVoice Insightsに追加された新機能を分かりやすくご案内いたします。

    (*1 日本語翻訳による補足説明は、こちらからご確認いただけます。英語オリジナルと併用のうえ、ご活用ください。)

    Voice Insightsダッシュボード多次元フィルター

    Twilioコンソール(管理画面)のVoice Insightsダッシュボード(コンソール>Monitorタブ>Insights>Calls)には、以前から多次元フィルターが搭載されていましたが、フィルタービルダー(フィルターを設定する画面部分)はもう一息という部分もありました。例えば、多次元でフィルタリングを行いたい場合でも、特定の国を通話先(To)とするか発信元(From)とするかのどちらかを選択する必要があり、混在させることはできませんでした。これに対し、Twilioではバックエンドに変更を加え、異なる方向性の次元( …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Catching up with Voice Insights image (1).png

    Maybe it's been a while since you poked around the Voice Insights docs, or you haven't had time to set up an RSS reader to check out items from Twilio's Changelog or follow the changelog on Twitter. Don't sweat it! We are only too happy to give you a guided tour of new features and capabilities that have been added to Voice Insights in the past few months.

    catching up.png

    Voice Insights Dashboard Multidimensional Filters

    The Voice Insights Dashboard in Console has had multidimensional filtering for a while now, but the filter builder left a little something to be desired. You couldn't mix directions so, for example, you had to choose either calls To a given country or From a given country if you wanted to filter on multiple dimensions. We have implemented changes on the backend that enable mixing dimensions from different directions. We have also updated the filter builder …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    Event Streamsを用いてTwilioのログをNode.jsとExpressサーバーアプリケーションで処理する方法 event-streams-nodejs-express-jp

    Event Streamsは執筆時点でPublic Betaとなるため、今後設定方法や仕様が変更される可能性があります。


    例 - Programmable SMS API(statusCallbackで検索)


    Event Streamsは各サービスのログをCloudEventsの仕様に沿って正規化、集約し、指定した宛先に配信します。そのためサービスごとに複数のコールバックを指定する必要がなく、またログの処理やエラーハンドリングをより簡単に実装できます。今回はこのEvent StreamsをNode.js/Expressサーバーアプリケーションで利用する方法を紹介します。また、Event Streamsの特長についてはこちらの記事で取り上げられていますのでぜひご覧ください。

    FAQにも記載されていますが、Event Streamsは既存のステータスコールバックを置き換えるものではありません。今後も引き続き利用できます。


    このチュート …

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  • By Shashwat Johari
    Streaming Studio Flow Executions with Event Streams Twilio Studio + Event Streams

    In this post, you will learn how to stream Twilio Studio Flow Executions with Twilio Event Streams. With Studio events being fully supported on Event Streams, you can now leverage webhooks to trigger external workflows or log steps in real-time as your Flow executes in Studio.

    Before Studio support for Event Streams you had two ways to achieve this:

    1. Adding HTTP Request widgets throughout your Flows to push events out to your external applications - This added complexity to the Flows and was largely a manual process.
    2. Polling the API’s Executions and Steps endpoints to retrieve complete logs for reporting - This required running batch jobs on a schedule to page through all the records and was a cumbersome process.

    So why is this useful?

    • It gives you additional options for triggering programmatic actions beyond a single webhook endpoint
    • It removes synchronous dependencies between your services and Twilio API …
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  • By Ander Telleria
    Introducing Twilio Live: Build Interactive Live Streaming at Global Scale — Now in Beta Introducing Twilio Live Build Interactive Live Streaming Apps at Global Scale — Now in Beta.png

    Twilio Live is now Generally Available! Read more about the launch here.

    Traditionally, media consumption such as podcasts, entertainment, shopping, and events have been passive experiences. However, over the past year, we’ve seen a shift to more interactive experiences with the rise of platforms like Clubhouse and TikTok. Consumers are now looking for immersive experiences where they can interact, be part of the conversation, be watched, and be listened to. Learn about the benefits of interactive live streaming and get tips on how to use it.

    However, creating these types of experiences is not straightforward. If developers were to solve this themselves today, it would take months to build out the infrastructure needed to support their livestream applications globally. That left us thinking — how can we bring these interactive live streaming capabilities to developers in a simple and painless way? We built Twilio Live!

    Why Twilio Live? …

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  • By Matt Jackson
    How to Gain an Edge for Cellular IoT Operations with Super SIM Connection Event Streams Super SIM Connection Event Streams

    The key to running a fleet of reliably connected IoT devices is having the right amount of insight, such as where SIMs are connecting, what networks are rejecting connections, and which SIMs are going rogue in terms of data usage. Without that, you are essentially building your business on hope, not knowledge—a risky proposition.

    Performance insight is key

    Super SIM is Twilio’s new cellular IoT connectivity platform, offering almost 400 worldwide cellular networks on one SIM. With Super SIM, one of the guiding principles of the product from day one was providing visibility into what’s happening “under the hood” when SIMs try to connect to networks. To help businesses grow and expand their IoT deployments, we created a reliable IoT SIM solution offering global reach, which allows companies to select exactly which networks their device should connect to in each country. So we built our own mobile network core—the …

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  • By Jessy Sweet
    Twilio Event Streams、パブリックベータ開始のご案内 Event Streams Public Beta JP



    Twilio Event Streams機能のパブリックベータ版をリリースいたしました。Event Streams APIにより、データストリーミングの最新技術を活用し、統合された形のTwilioデータをお客様のインフラストラクチャに直接取り込むことができます。データの取り込みに要する時間を短縮でき、その分のエネルギーや時間をデータをどのように生かすかに使っていただくことができます。




    TwilioのEvent Streamsは、これらの煩雑な業務を必要としません。今回、Event StreamsによりTwilioのアーキテクチャを再構築し、それによりお客様は、Twilioのプラットフォームで送受信されるあらゆるデータを統合された形 …

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  • By Jessy Sweet
    Announcing Twilio Event Streams Public Beta Event Streams Public Beta

    One integration for all your Twilio data

    We’re excited to announce that Event Streams has entered public beta. With the Event Streams API, you can use modern data streaming technology to consume unified streams of Twilio data directly into your infrastructure, so you can spend less time wrangling data and more time building with data.

    Having the right data architecture is more crucial than ever

    Data has always been the backbone of business. In order for your teams—whether operations, marketing, or support—to do their jobs effectively, they need to deeply understand how your customers interact with your organization. With the COVID-19 pandemic driving explosive digital growth in 2020 across all industries, organizations have more data than ever about their customers. Why is it so difficult to use this influx of data to improve your customer engagement experiences?

    Developers everywhere, tasked with consolidating all of the touch points they have …

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  • By Jessy Sweet
    Stream Twilio Data to a Webhook with Event Streams Event Streams Webhook Sink Available

    At SIGNAL 2020, we announced the Event Streams beta. Event Streams is an API that allows you to configure centralized streams of event data directly into your infrastructure—starting with Amazon Kinesis—so that your data is easily accessible, automatically interpretable and reliable for informed decision-making.

    We are proud to announce that Event Streams now supports data delivery to a webhook sink type. This means that customers can access the same powerful features of Event Streams—a single integration point for all Twilio data, at-least once delivery with retries for 24 hours, unified data format with consistent metadata, and support for delivery to multiple sinks—regardless of the streaming infrastructure they may be using.

    Why did we build a webhook sink?

    We built the webhook sink type for customers who:

    1. Aren’t using any streaming solutions like AWS Kinesis. Such customers can now easily transition to Event Streams and reap its benefits without making architectural …
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