Fancy Hands Saves Summer One Errand At A Time With Twilio


Summer presents a classic problem of supply versus demand. There are only so many days to lay out in the park, get lost in the woods, or camp out. Sadly, in-between planning those dream days, you have to tend to little things like making sure your lawn doesn’t turn into an overgrown forest. Errands can be a drag on a summer, so Fancy Hands and Lipton… Read More

Fancy Hands Brings Personal Assistants to Everyone

Raising kids can be a full time job. Raising two kids while writing a book and trying managing bills all at the same time is nearly impossible. Ted Roden (pictured right) found this out the hard way. In trying to be a dad, a novelist, and a professional organizer he discovered he needed help. But, he didn’t hire an assistant. Instead, he founded a company, Fancy Hands…. Read More