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Flex posts

  • By Kelley Robinson
    Cómo agregar la autenticación de clientes a Twilio Flex autenticación de clientes en el encabezado de Flex

    La seguridad del centro de llamadas es un punto débil conocido para muchas empresas. Esto se debe a que la mayoría de los centros de llamadas solo identifican y no autentifican realmente a los usuarios cuando llaman.

    La información de identidad suele ser un dato estático, como el número de teléfono o la fecha de nacimiento, cosas que mucha gente sabe sobre mí y sobre usted. La información de identidad suele ser fácil de encontrar o comprar y probablemente no cambia. Con un poco de búsqueda, los hackers pueden utilizar la ingeniería social para eludir la “verificación” común basada en el conocimiento de la identidad de un usuario. La autenticación es la forma de probar la identidad con un factor que puede ser algo que se conoce como una contraseña, algo que se tiene como una clave, o algo que se es como una huella digital.

    Las opciones para autenticar …

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  • By Andrey Asfaganov
    No number? No Problem! Or Messaging in Flex with Telerivet header

    One of the core advantages of using Twilio is the ability to buy phone numbers for SMS and Voice communications in many countries around the world. You don’t need to handle multiple relationships with different carriers in each country, you can buy a number from Twilio right from the Console. But: what if Twilio doesn’t offer a number in a particular country? We try our best to get numbers for our customers – we can use some numbers via porting, and some other numbers are available in private offering or developer preview – but it’s not always possible. This is especially true in countries where our NGO customers, like the Norwegian Refugee Council operate. Think, for example, of Sudan, Libya, or Madagascar.


    In this blog post, we’ll cover how you can use Telerivet as a gateway app with a local SIM and integrate it as a custom channel into …

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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    21+ Call Center Metrics & KPIs Every Contact Center Should Consider contact center metrics

    As our reliance on technology and digital solutions grows, it’s no surprise that businesses have adapted to connect with customers everywhere. Contact centers, like Twilio Flex, are innovative solutions to the rising demand for round-the-clock, omnichannel communications.

    Implementing a contact center is only the first step toward optimizing your customer service strategy. Next, you’ll need to understand whether your contact center performs adequately or falls behind. So how do you do that?

    With data, of course.

    Call center metrics are a reliable way to measure your contact center's performance, but this data indicates very little if you don't know what the numbers mean. Plus, with so many metrics available to track, it can be hard to narrow down which ones you want or could benefit your business.

    Let us give you a hand. Below, you'll find the most important call center metrics your business should monitor. We'll break down …

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  • By Tim Richter
    Democratizing Customer Experience: Engage a Mobile Workforce Beyond the Contact Center Spoke Phone hero image

    One implication of customer experience racing to the top of many companies' priority list is that more employees across departments and locations are coming into contact with customers. While traditionally, contact center representatives served as the front line for fielding and resolving customer inquiries, emerging best practice is to extend conversations beyond the contact center to specialists within a company with the right skills to serve customers.

    To accomplish this, companies must consider the technology required, as well as a cultural shift necessary to effect the change. This blog post will focus on the technology aspect.

    The contact center must integrate with an enterprise-grade cloud phone solution that (i) can be deployed rapidly as a pre-packaged solution (ii) have the flexibility to extend and fit a company’s vision for differentiation, and (iii) help organizations transition from premise-based systems to the cloud with minimal disruption.

    For customers deploying Twilio Flex, …

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  • By Bruno Kilian
    Flex Mobile: Untether Call Center Agents from the Desktop flex-mobile-header.png

    The beautiful thing about Twilio Flex, Twilio's cloud contact center, is that it is genuinely fully programmable. You don't need to wait for the vendor to deliver the feature, you can build it!

    Flex, by default, does not provide out-of-the-box functionality for running on mobile. But, because Flex is an umbrella that uses many products of Twilio – Taskrouter, Conversations, and Studio, to name a few – all the APIs and SDKs are accessible for you to evolve Flex in a way that fits your business needs!

    This blog post shows a proof of concept that embraces the builder spirit, giving Agents the autonomy to get away from the computer while still being able to handle chats and calls on their mobile phones. I'll be showing Flex Mobile, a React Native application that integrates seamlessly with Flex and its ecosystem – including Flex Insights, …

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  • By Alla Igityan
    How to Integrate Telegram into Twilio Flex Conversations Flex Conversations Telegram Integration

    In this post, I’ll show you how to add Telegram as a channel into Flex Conversations, and provide your customers with another way to reach your contact center. This particular approach requires only backend development and there will be no need to build an additional Flex UI plugin.


    Before we can start, you'll need to make sure you have a few things set up:

    Now that you’re ready, we can start integrating!

    Example Flex and Telegram Integration screenshot

    Getting Started

    It’s important to provide your customers ways to reach you on their preferred channels, and while Flex Conversations only supports SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and Chat out of the box, you have the tools to add your desired channel and keep your customers happy.

    To create …

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  • By Stratos Tziallas
    Integrate Twilio with Apaleo for an Enhanced Guest Experience Apaleo Twilio Integration Header

    Planning your vacation or work trip – or just going on a road trip – always ends up requiring you to book a hotel room for the night. And this has become straightforward with the help of hotel booking applications and automated processes. But this requires hotels set up their infrastructure, integrate it with multiple systems, and depend on what those systems allow. Let’s face it – customization is limited, and when it comes to hospitality there are a LOT of different wants and needs from guests.

    In this tutorial we will demonstrate a way to automate your communication with your guests.

    Being connected to your existing infrastructure (in this case Apaleo), Twilio allows you to create your own custom solution, allowing a guest to create, update, or cancel their reservations.

    Apaleo is the cloud platform for agile accommodation businesses.

    All types of properties – from serviced apartments to hotel …

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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    Cloud Call Center: Definition & Advantages cloud call center.png

    The term call center evokes the idea of an office full of employees with headsets answering customer calls. This model has been around for decades, but traditional call centers have physical limitations, such as data centers and phone systems only accessible on-premise.

    traditional call center.gif

    As technology changes, call centers are starting to look a little different. Many now consist of agents working from their home offices (or anywhere else, for that matter), taking advantage of cloud call center software. And it’s not just the physical limitations that are gone. Cloud technology has freed up call centers to evolve in multiple ways.

    This post will provide an overview of what a cloud call center is and the advantages of this new iteration of the call center.

    What is a cloud contact center?

    A cloud-based call center or contact center makes all the tools and services necessary to run a contact center available on …

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  • By Rosario Corres
    10 mejores prácticas para aumentar la seguridad en aplicaciones de Twilio Flex 10 mejores prácticas para aumentar la seguridad en aplicaciones de Twilio Flex

    Debido a la alta demanda de Twilio Flex como plataforma de Contact Center Omnicanal, es de crucial importancia construir los proyectos pensando en la seguridad desde el primer momento.

    Debido a que el cliente y/o partner son quienes construyen los proyectos en Flex, preparamos una lista de puntos clave para que sean considerados durante la fase de desarrollo para garantizar máxima seguridad con Twilio Flex.

    Variables de Ambiente

    Todos los plugins de Flex y las llamadas a las APIs de Twilio deben ser autenticadas con un Account SID y un AuthToken o API Key. La práctica recomendada es no declarar esos valores como variables en el código, sino almacenarlos en variables de ambiente (en un archivo .env en etapa de desarrollo).

    Ejemplo de código:

    Ejemplo de código para declarar variables de ambiente

    En este post explicamos paso a paso como cargar credenciales desde variables de ambiente.

    Esta práctica trae dos beneficios importantes:

    1. El Account SID …
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  • By Rosario Corres
    10 dicas para aumentar a segurança de aplicações com Twilio Flex 10 dicas para aumentar a segurança de aplicações com Twilio Flex

    Devido à alta demanda do Twilio Flex como plataforma de Contact Center Omnichannel, é muito importante que cada novo projeto seja construído pensando na segurança desde o primeiro momento.

    Já que o cliente e/ou parceiro são os encarregados de construir os projetos dentro do Flex, preparamos uma lista de dicas a serem implementadas durante a fase de desenvolvimento que permitam garantir um alto nível de segurança com o Twilio Flex.

    Variáveis de Ambiente

    Tanto os plugins do Twilio Flex quanto as chamadas para as APIs da Twilio devem ser autenticadas por meio de Account SID e AuthToken ou API Key. A prática recomendada é que estes valores não sejam declarados como variáveis no código, mas sim como variáveis de ambiente (dentro de um arquivo de tipo .env na fase de desenvolvimento).

    Exemplo de código:

    Exemplo de código para declarar variáveis de ambiente

    Neste post explicamos o passo a passo de como carregar credenciais desde variáveis de …

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