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Flex posts

  • By Brooke Isaacs
    IVR Explained: What It Is and How It Benefits Your Contact Center IVR.png

    For many, calling into a contact center is a dreaded experience, with the thought of long queues and frustrating holds daunting. IVR technology removes a great deal of those grievances, allowing callers a streamlined, more personalized experience.

    Gone are the switchboards and manual operators of the past. AI, automated menus, and speech recognition are the new standard, allowing businesses to save money and provide callers with a smooth experience. Contact centers no longer have to have a poor reputation; instead, they can be the customer resource they were always intended to be.

    IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a gamechanger, there’s no doubt about it. Let’s break down everything you need to know.

    What is IVR?

    IVR is the technology that allows phone systems to route calls based on spoken word responses and touch-tone input. Inbound callers are categorized and grouped by responding to automated menus that then help …

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  • By Philip Borden
    Calabrio ONE Integration Designed for Twilio Flex Ecosystems Calabrio One Hero

    Managing the daily operations and workforce of a contact center can provide a wide-variety of challenges for your business. Every day, contact center managers need to analyze forecasts and customer behaviors to ensure that enough agents are scheduled to respond to customer inquiries, and that every interaction is driving customer satisfaction.  

    Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions automate processes that allow you to manage and improve agent performance. These solutions enable contact center supervisors to automate forecasting and scheduling, spend more time coaching, and improve communication with agents.

    Twilio Flex is partnering with Calabrio to provide customers a validated solution for Workforce Optimization (WFO). This cloud to cloud integration was designed in a joint effort with Calabrio to enable Twilio Flex customers to prioritize their customer and agent experience by utilizing Workforce Management, Quality Management, and real-time Analytics.

    Workforce Management (WFM)

    Calabrio One Workforce Management screen image example.

    This integration provides Twilio Flex customers with simplified access to the …

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  • By Charlie Weems
    How Texas is Using Twilio Flex with Direct Inward Dialing to Distribute Vaccines How Texas is Using Twilio Flex to Distribute Vaccines.png

    Most Twilio.org customers use Flex as a call center. We see all sorts of use-cases, from food-banks, to crisis lines, to disaster response. In late December, a joint team from the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council and the Texas Division of Emergency Management were tasked with assisting COVID-19 vaccine distribution and needed a hybrid of a hotline and phone system.

    After vaccines became available in the United States, state and local agencies across the country needed to act fast to ensure that supply chain partners and medical providers had accurate, up to date information. Texas needed to coordinate information like when shipments would arrive, how to request new shipments, and how to safely store vaccines for use are critical pieces of information to ensure that vaccines are distributed effectively.

    Within one day we deployed a solution that has since handled several thousand calls about vaccine distribution logistics. In this …

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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    The Joints Of The Contact Center: Twilio’s Sync API Sync Joints of the Contact Center Header

    Have you ever thought how fascinating the human body is? Simple activities like walking are such a complicated process. The motion of your two legs is coordinated, so that one foot or the other is always in contact with the ground. While the brain is sending signals to precise the coordination of our muscles. More parts of the body play an important role to make it happen.

    But – how can everything be held together without falling apart? That’s thanks to joints, ligaments, and tendons.

    Just like our body needs joints, any product or service needs its equivalent. For instance, imagine a contact center. It consists of multiple applications for routing, reporting, connecting 3rd party systems,  storing and transferring data, managing omnichannel interactions, and so on.

    All of a contact center’s services and applications have to work together. To do that, a connector is needed –Twilio …

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  • By Tammy Ben-David
    Integrate a Wix Answers Knowledge Base into Flex wix-answers-kb.png

    Knowledge bases are what drive collaboration and connection in an organization. Enabling your agents to access information efficiently should be a key goal for any company. This series of blog posts aims to help you set up a knowledge base with search and automatic agent assistance within Flex by integrating Wix Answers.

    We'll set up a Wix Answers integration in three steps:

    1. First, in this post we will set up a manual knowledge base search of your Wix Answers knowledgebase within the Flex single page UI.
    2. After that, we will use media streams to fork the audio stream in real time to Google’s Speech to Text API, this will provide us with a real time transcription of the call.
    3. Finally, we will put both these things together to pick out keywords from the conversation and search for them in our integrated knowledge base.


    Before we begin you’ll need:

    • A …
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  • By Elliot Goldwater
    Extend Your Contact Center With Twilio Flex Ecosystem Partners Twilio Ecosystem Logo

    Modern contact centers depend on a wide variety of solutions, channels, and integrations, to create differentiated experiences that drive customer engagement.

    At SIGNAL 2020, we launched the Twilio Flex Ecosystem to streamline the discovery, integration, and implementation of partner solutions that enhance the Twilio Flex platform. The Twilio Flex Ecosystem enables customers to implement solutions using validated integrations, that are developed to work like a natural extension of Twilio Flex contact centers.

    Ecosystem Partners provide solutions that can benefit the customer journey, across every Twilio Flex channel. We have partnered with a diverse set of technology providers, including: Calabrio OneAcqueon Outbound Campaign Management, Google Cloud AI, and Glance 1-Click Connect, to provide integrations tailored to Twilio Flex.

    These solutions were developed to work seamlessly across Twilio Flex channels and the programmable agent desktop, to enable customers to customize the functionality of their contact center. Twilio …

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  • By David Worley
    Twilio Flex: Personalize with Plugins and Integrations Flex Plugins & Integrations

    Why conform to the norm when you can build? That question applies to so many aspects of life – even in the contact center industry.

    We have all seen or experienced the packaged contact center solution. The one that has all the bells and whistles that are seldomly used forcing you to “live with” the existing technology that does not adapt to your business rules, preferred channels, and ability to control your engagement experience. 

    How can businesses not only keep up, but leverage new technologies, channels, and ways of working? The answer is Programmability. This is where Twilio shines. In this blog post, we will talk about how to leverage Twilio Flex plugins and integrations to 3rd party solutions. I’ll show you how to program your contact center around your unique business flows and rules without waiting on a vendor to release the next version.

    Flex Plugins

    What do …

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  • By Vishnu Vardhan Ravi
    The Flex Playmaker Expert Voice #2 – The Partner Ecosystem Team ecosystem-partners-team.png

    Welcome to the second interview on ‘The Flex Playmaker’ series. In this edition, I interviewed an entire team working on laying the foundation for onboarding a curated and trusted set of integrated partner solutions.

    This Interview was conducted on December 10th, 2020.

    Questions (in bold) are from Vishnu Ravi. Other folks who participated are highlighted in headings.

    Meet the Partner Ecosystem Team

    Elliot Goldwater

    Senior Director, Business Development & Partnerships

    Elliot, let me begin with you. As the DRI for this program, can you give us a 30K-foot view on the charter for this program, how it began and where the team is today?

    Thanks, Vish. Our mission is really straightforward; we want to help accelerate time to value for our Flex customers.  

    From my perspective, there are two things that really excite me about this effort. The first of which is the team.  We’ve assembled an amazing …

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  • By Vishnu Vardhan Ravi
    The Flex Playmaker Expert Voice #1 – Tony Lama flex-playmakers-1-tony-lama.png

    Welcome to the first interview on ‘The Flex Playmaker’ series. When planning for these series of interviews with leaders championing Flex, I had only one person in mind to start the series - Tony Lama.

    Tony Lama is a contact center technology veteran with over 22 years of experience and proven successes in the development and execution of global go to market strategies. Tony joined Twilio in 2019 to lead Twilio's Contact Center Sales and GTM.  

    Tony's unique set of experiences having trained, tested, deployed, supported, architected, evangelized, and sold contact center technology make him a unique Sales/GTM leader. Tony has helped successfully launch and support numerous contact center offerings at both Aspect and Amazon Web Services prior to joining Twilio.

    Get to know Tony

    Tony was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida, which was once the city with the most foreign born American citizens in the country. He is …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Qunomedical Medical Marketplace uses Twilio Flex to Innovate with C20Y Qunomedical website on iPhone

    Qunomedical is a medical treatment marketplace, connecting patients to doctors for in-person treatments, regardless of location. It provides patients access to high-quality healthcare from over 1000 doctors, both at home and abroad, facilitating over 10,000 procedures each month.

    Channel Challenges

    Being highly distributed, great communication is essential. Unfortunately, Qunomedical’s previous system didn’t cater to their exact needs, a story that’s familiar to many companies. They rely on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and voice calls to communicate with their customers yet their systems didn’t talk to each other meaning they couldn’t centralize data about customers. Their VoIP system was brittle and undocumented meaning they couldn’t update features or call plans.

    WhatsApp is incredibly important in Europe for cross country communication and they had resorted to using multiple phone numbers and the web interface as a workaround, which resulted in very poor documentation of the customer conversation because their system didn’t have a …

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