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Flex posts

  • By Vishnu Vardhan Ravi
    The Flex Playmaker Expert Voice #1 – Tony Lama flex-playmakers-1-tony-lama.png

    Welcome to the first interview on ‘The Flex Playmaker’ series. When planning for these series of interviews with leaders championing Flex, I had only one person in mind to start the series - Tony Lama.

    Tony Lama is a contact center technology veteran with over 22 years of experience and proven successes in the development and execution of global go to market strategies. Tony joined Twilio in 2019 to lead Twilio's Contact Center Sales and GTM.  

    Tony's unique set of experiences having trained, tested, deployed, supported, architected, evangelized, and sold contact center technology make him a unique Sales/GTM leader. Tony has helped successfully launch and support numerous contact center offerings at both Aspect and Amazon Web Services prior to joining Twilio.

    Get to know Tony

    Tony was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida, which was once the city with the most foreign born American citizens in the country. He is …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Qunomedical Medical Marketplace uses Twilio Flex to Innovate with C20Y Qunomedical website on iPhone

    Qunomedical is a medical treatment marketplace, connecting patients to doctors for in-person treatments, regardless of location. It provides patients access to high-quality healthcare from over 1000 doctors, both at home and abroad, facilitating over 10,000 procedures each month.

    Channel Challenges

    Being highly distributed, great communication is essential. Unfortunately, Qunomedical’s previous system didn’t cater to their exact needs, a story that’s familiar to many companies. They rely on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and voice calls to communicate with their customers yet their systems didn’t talk to each other meaning they couldn’t centralize data about customers. Their VoIP system was brittle and undocumented meaning they couldn’t update features or call plans.

    WhatsApp is incredibly important in Europe for cross country communication and they had resorted to using multiple phone numbers and the web interface as a workaround, which resulted in very poor documentation of the customer conversation because their system didn’t have a …

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  • By Chas Bowman
    Criando Filas e Skills para um Contact Center Flex Criando Filas e Skills para um Contact Center Flex

    Você acabou de configurar o Flex e deve estar se perguntando: Mas e agora?

    Agora você deve estar pensando sobre sua estratégia de roteamento e filas, certo? Nesta postagem vamos cobrir algumas opções básicas para enfileiramento baseado em "skills" (habilidades), já que isso vai definir os alicerces para seus relatórios do Contact Center.

    Vamos começar!

    O que vamos construir hoje

    O Flex permite explorar todo o poder do Twilio TaskRouter, que é um sistema poderoso de roteamento baseado em atributos, e o coração do contact center. Ele também é totalmente programável, permitindo controlar o seu contact center utilizando código. Vamos falar sobre um caso de uso simples hoje: "Como configurar um contact center para suportar meus clientes e funcionários utilizando o Flex?"

    Para fazer isso, vamos construir duas novas filas de tarefas (Task Queues): "Customer Service" e "Employee Service". Estas filas vão permitir segmentar nosso tráfego de clientes e …

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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    The Top 10 Metrics Every Contact Center Should be Tracking 10 Metrics Contact Center Banner

    In a world that relies on technology and digital solutions, it’s no surprise that businesses have adapted and evolved to connect with customers everywhere, and on their preferred channels. Contact centers, like Twilio Flex, are innovative solutions to the rising demand for round-the-clock, omnichannel communications.

    What is a contact center?

    Lexico defines a contact center as “an integrated and usually automated communications system that coordinates all telephone and electronic contacts between an organization and the public.” Companies across all industries utilize contact centers, including healthcare, finance, travel, and tech among others.

    Although similar (and sometimes referred to interchangeably), contact centers and call centers are not the same thing. Contact centers handle customer communications across several applications, including calls, chat and messenger platforms, and email. Call centers tend to handle only inbound and outbound calls.

    Implementing a contact center as a customer service solution is only one part of optimizing …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    loveholidays uses Twilio Flex to Improve Agent Productivity by 20% loveholidays logo

    loveholidays is one of the UK’s fastest growing online travel agencies, offering custom package holidays to families, couples and friends. It goes without saying the COVID outbreak has caused monumental upheaval within the travel industry globally.

    For over 4 months, travel agencies like loveholidays have been forced to refocus their customer service agents from bookings onto cancellations. Record numbers of queries have been coming in from anxious customers, all while social distancing rules necessitate a remote working contact center model.

    loveholidays needed to update their on-premise solution to a cloud-based platform so that their agents could work from home. Selecting Twilio Flex provided an immediate fix to their most immediate obstacle of getting loveholidays agents up and running remotely. But remote working was just table-stakes for loveholidays, they chose Twilio Flex because it’s natively an omnichannel platform on which to get up and running quickly and keep on innovating for …

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  • By John Hartmann
    Twilio's Omni-Channel Approach: A Self-Service Win/Win, Finally Realized Selfserv win-win

    The idea of “DIY” (do-it-yourself) is nothing new. Yes, it has grown in popularity recently due to tools such as Youtube, Instagram, and the like, but the concept of DIY has been around since the 1950’s. People take pride in being able to carry out professional grade tasks without direct aid from experts or professionals.

    In the Contact Center world, we want customers to have tools to do things themselves – without a live agent. The promise of self service has proven elusive. For decades we have struggled to provide rich experiences that create high satisfaction with self service applications. I submit that a combination of new capabilities, shifting customer preference for omni communications and an increased willingness to do-it-yourself has finally allowed us to realize the self service win-win where both businesses and customers benefit.

    Attempts at self-service in customer interactions

    The idea of self-service is sound; companies …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    How to add customer authentication to Twilio Flex customer authentication in flex header

    Call center security is a known weak spot for many companies. That's because most call centers only identify and do not actually authenticate users when they call.

    Identity information is usually static data like a phone number or date of birth -- things that a lot of people know about me and you. Identity information is often easy to find or purchase and probably doesn't change. With a little bit of research, hackers can use social engineering to bypass common knowledge-based "verification" based on a user's identity. Authentication is how to prove identity with a factor that could be something you know like a password, something you have like a key, or something you are like a fingerprint.

    Options for actually authenticating users contacting your support system include sending one-time passcodes (OTPs) to a user via SMS or email, callbacks, security PINs, verbal passcodes, voice recognition, and more. For more …

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  • By Andrej Saweljew
    Extend the Native Twilio Flex-Salesforce Integration Flex Native Integration Banner

    Last year we announced Flex Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) Generally Availability, with support for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. Flex Salesforce CTI integration enables you to supercharge your Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud with omnichannel customer communications. Once you’ve successfully installed the CTI integration, you will be able to access Flex via Salesforce’s openCTI utility bar component. This enables you to:

    • Perform automatic search and screen pop to present contextual information to agents
    • Keep the Salesforce screen in sync for agents moving between tasks with context switching
    • Create an automatic record of engagements going through Flex
    • Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate directly to Flex when logging in from Salesforce
    • Use dual monitors to let agents take full advantage of both Flex and Salesforce real estate
    • Click a phone number in Salesforce to perform an outbound call

    You can get read more about the native Flex Salesforce Integration …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Flex Boost: Accelerate Curbside Pickups with Flex & SMS from Perficient Flex Boost Header

    Following on from the brilliant Engage Everywhere Event with Angela Ahrendts, it’s clear that consumer preferences have changed, and to be successful, we need to now build for the new normal as it’s likely to be around for quite a while. One of those new normal behaviors we’ve collectively developed is to reduce contact as much as possible, in order to reduce exposure and risk.

    Interacting outdoors significantly reduces transmission risks to both employees and customers, making curbside pickup a perfect solution for many retailers. It’s also more convenient for customers, saving them time, and it’s a habit likely to stick for many years to come as it was already growing fast.

    Twilio has been powering curbside pickup for major retailers for many years such as Bass Pro Shops and Joann Fabrics and Crafts, but if you don’t have an initiative already underway, what are some best practices you can …

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  • By Patrick Kolencherry
    Image and File Attachments for WebChat in Twilio Flex Image and File Attachments - Flex Blog - Canva

    Want to see Twilio Flex in action? Check out our interactive demo.

    Ready to start building your contact center? We're offering $5,000 worth of free Flex Hours to help you get started. Sign up and start building with Twilio Flex!

    Sharing images and files during a chat interaction can help speed up support requests by providing additional context to agents and richer instructions and information to customers. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have launched a pilot of chat attachments for Twilio Flex.

    You can get started with chat attachments today by following two easy steps:

    1. Enable the pilot feature for flex-ui: Select 1.20.0 for flex-ui within the version management panel. Then enable “Image and File Sharing for WebChat” within the pre-release features panel. If you aren’t able to select 1.20.0, please make sure that you have unchecked “Update minor versions” within the version management panel. …
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