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  • By Al Kiramoto
    Increase Customer Engagement with Click-to-Text Click-to-Text Engagement Hero

    Are you still wondering about the power of text? According to Gartner, SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively — in contrast to corresponding figures of 20% and 6% for email. And according to Statista, Mobile browsing accounts for about 60% of all website traffic, and continues to grow. And further, according to, there are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users, and 42% ordered a product using their smartphones.

    For these reasons (and more!), using a specially designed link or button on your mobile webpage or QR codes at your store will help you improve your customer engagement. How’s that?

    1. Speed: Quickly and seamlessly opt-in your users with just a click.
    2. Accuracy: You don’t need to worry about your users typing in the wrong phone numbers or keywords.
    3. Tracking: You can also track based on keywords …
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  • By Leroy Chan
    Flex 2.0: Configure Facebook Messenger with Flex Conversations facebook-messenger-flex-conversations

    Twilio Flex natively supports sending and receiving messages from Facebook Messenger users. This guide showcases how to configure Facebook Messenger for Flex UI 2.x and Flex Conversations. Messages from Facebook Messenger will first flow into Twilio Studio before hitting Twilio Flex.

    If you're using Flex Legacy Messaging, follow this guide instead. Also note that the integration of Facebook Messenger is currently in beta.


    Before you can complete this tutorial, you'll need to set up a few things:

    1. Twilio Flex Account with Console Access
    2. Twilio CLI installed (v5.2.1 or above) along with Node.js
    3. Facebook Page (Ready to be integrated)

    Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Step 1: Install and C …
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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    9 Things to Look for in a Call Center Solution for Small Business what to look for in call center software

    If you run a small business, you’re probably used to taking on big challenges with limited resources. And adding a call center might seem like a major undertaking that’ll only strain your workload and budget.

    Spoiler alert: it doesn't have to be.

    In fact, a call center can help you streamline communication with customers, saving your business time and bringing a host of benefits, like improving customer engagement and increasing sales. And you don’t need a large staff or budget to do it.

    Wonder where to start? The best solution for a small business is often a flexible call center platform. It’s just a matter of finding the right one that’ll meet your needs. This post will cover what to look for in call center software.

    But first, is call center software right for your business?

    Does my small business need call center software?

    Let’s start by addressing why you …

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  • By Chris Feehan
    対話型AIの構築〜Google Cloud CCAIおよびTwilio Voice/Flex/Segmentの連携 BuildingOwlCarJP

    この記事はChris Feehanこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio SIGNAL 2022イベントで「顧客エンゲージメントの好循環」と題した45分間のスポットライト講演をお届けしました。同講演ではTwilioとGoogle Cloudの両テクノロジーを活用し、対話型AI戦略を実現したテクノロジー志向の自動車メーカー「Owl Car」(架空)の事例を紹介しました。Owl Carは、Twilioが開発した「Google Cloud Dialogflow CX(CCAI)との1-クリック音声統合」を使用して、Twilio VoiceTwilio SegmentTwilio FlexによるConversational AIエクスペリエンスを強化しました。

    このブログ記事では、Google Cloudのフセイン・チノイさんと私とで1-クリック統合の仕組みをデモンストレーションし、本統合機能の優位性を皆さんに理解いただき、Twilioが提供する強力なコミュニケーション機能の活用方法と、拡張性が高く堅牢・安全なバーチャルエージェントをDialogflow CX上に構築するためのベストプラクティスを紹介します。また、その過程でOwl Carの例をさらに発展させ、ユースケースの詳細とOwl Carが実装に用いたデザインパラダイムを共有し、ここで提供する例をベースに皆さんが独自のソリューションを構築・発展させられるよう、参考となる記事にしたいと思います。


    このブログ記事を最大限に活用いただくために、1-クリック統合のオンボー …

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  • By Bader Hamdan
    Google Cloud CCAIとTwilio Flex連携によるサービス体験の差別化 signal22GoogleTwFlexJP

    この記事はBader Hamdanこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。




    1. 会話型バーチャルエージェントによる顧客セルフサービス率の向上と、デジタルチャネルによる業務の生産性向上でコストを削減する。
    2. チャネル横断で一貫性のある自動化されたユーザー体験を展開し、顧客の満足度を高め、オペレーターが効率的・効果的にお客様対応できるようにする。
    3. ファーストパーティーデータを利用して顧客との対話をパーソナライズ、顧客維持とリピート購入を促進し、顧客との関係を継続的に構築する。
    4. 需要の絶え間ない変化のなか、ソリューションを主要ツールとして活用、必要に応じた見直しを行い、顧客体験とビジネス価値を最適化する。


    あらゆるインタラクションに対して人間らしく応対することを忘れずに、一方でデジタルエンゲージメント戦略へ投資することは、こうした期待に応えるために不可欠 …

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  • By Matija Vrzan
    Twilio Flex WhatsApp Integration Checklist Copy of A01 Blog Product

    With billions of users around the world and its lack of reliance on cellular networks, WhatsApp can be an important customer engagement channel for companies using Twilio Flex. But integrating Twilio Flex and WhatsApp might seem like a daunting task due to the amount of effort required to stand up the desired experience.

    In this blog post, I will provide a quickstart checklist that walks through standard implementation steps between Twilio Flex and WhatsApp. Completing this checklist will help you build a scalable WhatsApp integration that effectively reaches your audience.


    • Single or multiple Twilio accounts depending on the environment strategy (we provide some guidance around account setup below)
    • Identity Provider and Single Sign-On
    • Meta Business Manager ID (formerly known as Facebook Business Manager ID)

    Configuration Process

    The following steps are not the only configuration options available, but they do cover most of the necessary implementation steps to have …

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  • By Carina Kern
    EMEA SIGNAL 2022 Highlights and Session Replays Copy of Blog banner typographic-01

    It is that time of the year where developers, customers, and Twilions come together to share the latest trends and developments around customer engagement. We have some great customer sessions and announcements during this year's Developer & Customer Engagement Conference - SIGNAL 2022.

    In this blog I want to give you an overview of the key highlights and trends and point you in the right direction to get all the details needed to get started or expand your customer engagement strategy with Twilio.

    1. Remove pain points from user verification

    Twilio can help with a passwordless, friction-free and more secure user journey and improve the customer experience during an authentication and verification process.

    Introducing Twilio Silent Network Authentication: At SIGNAL, we announced that Silent Network Authentication (SNA) is now in public beta. SNA is a new channel available in Twilio Verify. It is a SIM-based technology that authenticates real …

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  • By Bader Hamdan
    Differentiated Service Experiences with Google Cloud CCAI and Twilio 3

    Customer expectations for seamless purchasing and support experiences continue to evolve, yet business leaders are being asked to reduce costs and do more with smaller teams.

    Ideating and deploying a differentiated contact center experience in this environment requires focusing on personalization, omni-channel customer experiences, and simplifying the user experience for agents.

    You can break these focus areas into four key opportunities:

    1. Reducing costs by improving customer self-service with conversational virtual agents and increasing operational productivity with digital channels
    2. Deploying an automated experience that is consistent across channels and drives customer satisfaction for customers and empowers agents.
    3. Building relationships with customers by using first-party data to personalize interactions that drive retention and repeat purchases
    4. Pivoting solutions as needed to optimize experience for customers and business value with constant shifts in demands.

    Addressing these opportunities is more important today than ever before, with low switching costs, increased digital competition, and 56% of …

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  • By Maria Galler
    Contact Center sorgt für bessere Kundenerfahrungen: kfzteile24 baut auf Twilio Flex kfzteile24_img_standort_spandau

    Sie lieben Ersatzteile und verstehen sich als Problemlöser: kfzteile24 verfolgt das Ziel, dass Menschen mobil bleiben und bietet dafür mehr als drei Millionen Auto-Ersatzteile für fast alle Automarken. Von Bremsscheiben über Motorenöle bis zu Autobatterien – bei kfzteile24 finden Kunden ihre passenden Autoteile. Die Kombination aus digitaler Plattform, Werkstätten und eigenem Lieferservice ist in Deutschland einzigartig.

    Herausforderung wachsender Kundenstamm

    Autoreparaturen sind oft zeitkritisch, Tausende von Autos haben jeden Tag kleinere oder größere Defekte. Die Kfz-Reparatur-Branche muss also täglich Tausende von Kunden bedienen, die eine schnelle Reaktion und einen schnellen Service benötigen.

    Die Branche ist hart umkämpft – bis zu 10.000 Artikel werden pro Tag versandt. Für die Bewältigung dieses Volumens ist ein effizientes Contact Center mit höherer First-Call-Resolution-Rate (FCR) wichtig. Es trägt dazu bei, Kundenanfragen zu personalisieren, Vertrauen aufzubauen und so den Kundenservice zu verbessern. Und das hat kfzteile24 mit Hilfe von c20y und Twilio Flex, dem Cloud-basierten Contact Center …

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  • By Somto Eluwa
    Integrate Twilio Flex and Calendly Flex Calendly Hero Image

    In this article, I'll demonstrate how to integrate Calendly with Twilio Flex. This integration will allow you to allow customers to schedule callbacks from your call center agents by using Calendly’s API V2 within Flex. The resulting union of the two is an effective tool for improving the experience of your contact center agents and building enduring relationships with customers.

    This tutorial will teach you:

    • A way for clients to schedule callbacks from contact center representatives using the appointment scheduling service in Calendly

    If you want to jump ahead and grab the full working code for this, visit the github repositories for this project

    Let's get started!

    Solution: Integrating Calendly’s V2 API with Flex

    This integration will allow you to automate the ability for your contact center agents to call back customers. Before an integration of this kind, an event was added …

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