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flex conversations posts

  • By Leroy Chan
    Flex 2.0: Configure Facebook Messenger with Flex Conversations facebook-messenger-flex-conversations

    Twilio Flex natively supports sending and receiving messages from Facebook Messenger users. This guide showcases how to configure Facebook Messenger for Flex UI 2.x and Flex Conversations. Messages from Facebook Messenger will first flow into Twilio Studio before hitting Twilio Flex.

    If you're using Flex Legacy Messaging, follow this guide instead. Also note that the integration of Facebook Messenger is currently in beta.


    Before you can complete this tutorial, you'll need to set up a few things:

    1. Twilio Flex Account with Console Access
    2. Twilio CLI installed (v5.2.1 or above) along with Node.js
    3. Facebook Page (Ready to be integrated)

    Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Step 1: Install and C …
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  • By Bruno Kilian
    End-to-end Encryption for WebChat on Flex Copy of C04 Blog Text

    A few months ago, Twilio announced Flex Conversations to empower companies to build tailor-made experiences between Customers and Agents on Flex.

    On today's topic, we will be building a secure Webchat communication between the Customers and Agents, so secure that only the Agent and the Customer can read the messages. Not even Twilio will know what is being transmitted - so-called end-to-end encryption.

    So what's exciting is, not only messages, but also attachments are end-to-end encrypted! Customers and Agents can exchange files securely. Twilio does store the media being exchanged but - as it is end-to-end encrypted - it is like storing a vault without having the keys to open it.

    This blog post is a proof-of-concept and it is not production-ready. In case you decide to proceed further with the implementation, have a security specialist auditing the source-code!

    Do you need end-to-end encryption?

    Not all the companies have …

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  • By Alla Igityan
    How to Integrate Telegram into Twilio Flex Conversations Flex Conversations Telegram Integration

    In this post, I’ll show you how to add Telegram as a channel into Flex Conversations, and provide your customers with another way to reach your contact center. This particular approach requires only backend development and there will be no need to build an additional Flex UI plugin.


    Before we can start, you'll need to make sure you have a few things set up:

    Now that you’re ready, we can start integrating!

    Example Flex and Telegram Integration screenshot

    Getting Started

    It’s important to provide your customers ways to reach you on their preferred channels, and while Flex Conversations only supports SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and Chat out of the box, you have the tools to add your desired channel and keep your customers happy.

    To create …

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  • By Anton Kushch
    Build an Inactivity Timeout with Flex Conversations Build Inactivity Timeout Flex Conversations

    As you may know, Twilio has released Flex Conversations. This is a big step in making orchestration more reliable and straightforward within the Flex ecosystem. In a blog post here, you can learn more about Flex Conversations's new perks. Introducing Flex Conversations also opens up possibilities for new cool features to be implemented, as the Conversations API provides a broad spectrum of tools for managing participants, addresses, and the conversation lifecycle.

    One contact center feature that our customers often ask about is Inactivity Timeout. To keep your agents' productivity high, it's necessary to have an automated way to track abandoned tasks and clean them up. With the State Timers feature of the Conversations API along with Twilio Functions, it is possible now to implement an Inactivity Timeout in Flex. In this blog post, I will guide you through the configuration and code to achieve this.

    Tutorial prerequisites …

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  • By Simonetta Turek
    Twilio Flex Conversations - デジタル時代の真の統合コンタクトセンター & API Flex Conversations Beta JP

    この記事はSimonetta Turekこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。


    Twilio® Flex® Conversationsは、Flexプラットフォーム上のSMS、チャット、WhatsAppに対応する単一のAPIであり、2022年3月末にパブリックベータ版が公開されました。Flexユーザーはデジタルチャネル環境を簡単に統合し、差別化を図るためのビジョンを実践・推進できるようになり、結果として、パーソナライズの深化とお客様の満足度向上を促進できます。Flex Conversationsを使用することで、Twilio Flexは、業界初と言えるほどの真の統合マルチチャネル型コンタクトセンタープラットフォームとなります。


    お客様の期待に上限はないため、これは重要です。お客様は、カスタマージャーニーのあらゆる段階でブランドによるパーソナライズを期待しています。お客様の期待に応えられなければ、すぐにでも別のブランドに浮気されてしまいます。こうした認識をふまえ、世界中のあらゆる業界のブランド …

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  • By Simonetta Turek
    Flex Conversations to Offer a Truly Unified API for Digital Channels Flex Conversations Beta

    The world’s most flexible contact center platform is about to get a whole lot more flexible — for developers and for customers.

    Twilio® Flex® Conversations, a single API for SMS, chat, and WhatsApp on the Flex platform, will be rolling out to public beta at the end of this month. This enables Flex users to easily orchestrate digital channel experiences that support their vision for differentiation while driving deeper personalization and happier customers. Flex Conversations makes Twilio Flex the first truly unified, multi-channel contact center platform.

    Why does this matter? Because with a single API, you’ll be able to easily build seamless experiences that bridge any of the digital channels you use to communicate with your customers, including Chat, SMS, email, or even WhatsApp.

    This is crucial, because customer expectations continue to rise. Customers have come to expect personalization at every stage of their journey with a brand. They are …

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