TastePlug Uses Twilio to Make Sure You Never Miss a Beat

Think of TastePlug as the Flxt.it for music. Ever been out and heard a new song you instantly loved, asked the people around you for the artist and title, then went home and promptly forgot about it? The trio behind TastePlug want to make sure that never happens. Think of it as a simple to-do list for music—text TastePlug the artist and title of the song, and TastePlug… Read More

How Flxt.it Uses Twilio To Make Sure You Never Miss A Good Movie

Ever been out at dinner and had someone mention a movie you have to watch (Like, Gattaca.), and then went home and promptly forgot the name? Flxt.it wants to make sure a good movie never goes unseen. Simply text the name of the movie to Flxt.it’s phone number and it’ll be added to your Netflix queue. This is a guest post by Flxt.it’s creator, John Clayton,… Read More