Make Your CRM Communicate: How To Build In-Browser Calling With Twilio and Salesforce

Twilio DF13

When you’re chasing leads, calling customers and managing demos, every minute counts. So how can you make the most of your Salesforce CRM? By making it a phone. Sales Engineer Charles Oppenheimer shows you how to make and receive calls directly from the browser, while using Salesforce’s Service Cloud Console to pull up key customer information and data. Using Twilio Client, WebRTC and Twilio’s newly updated… Read More

Improving Your Case Management Response Time with Twilio SMS

Ameer is Solutions Architect at Twilio, specializing in building high volume, low latency solutions for customers. He has over 15 years of experience in building solutions. The following is syndicated content, originally published on Salesforce’s developer blog. When it comes to case management, the shorter your response time is the happier your customers will be. I recently published an article on Salesforce’s development blog, showing you… Read More

Developer Contest Winner: SMS and Tracking with Salesforce

Alongside the Cloudstock event, we hosted a developer contest with a focus on getting business done with Salesforce. A stellar mix of entries from developers getting inspired through CRM tools, some who hacked on-site with us during Cloudstock. One productive app impressed us the most, and that was Michael Norton’s Twilio Messaging for Salesforce. This twilio-salesforce fork enables Salesforce users to send voice or SMS messages… Read More

Congratulations to the Winners of "Twilio SMS for" On Cloudspokes

Cloudspokes, a cloud platform community, recently held a Twilio contest for their members. They were asked to create Twilio SMS applications for, with the winner receiving $1,500 and $500 to two second place finishers. The contest had 13 registrants with 5 wining code submissions. Congratulations to all who entered and to the contest winners: Fourth place: Techtrekker Third place: Kenji776 Second place: chriswoolcott and clintslee First place:… Read More

New Contest Category: Twilio for Salesforce, with Appirio

How can you help your customers streamline their business processes, convert leads, and take their company to the next level using Twilio plus Salesforce?  For the next two weeks (#24 and #25 of the contest, for those keeping track), we’ve teamed up with Salesforce and Appirio for what promises to be one of our most exciting developer challenges yet – the chance to win a Netbook… Read More