Meet Nicolas Grenie, A Twilio Hero


Nicolas Grenie’s mother handed him a giant stack of papers for Christmas–686 pages to be exact. She printed out the entire Real Basic Reference Book, page by page, so Nicolas could learn to program. Years later, Nicolas is still learning, coding and teaching others to program as a Twilio Hero. Earlier this year we introduced you to the latest Twilio Heroes class, the Barn Owls. Over… Read More

What's New at SF New Tech?

Hello, I’m Ben McKinley, one of the new additions to the Twilio team. I’m the marketing intern helping Danielle with events and working behind the scenes. I’m very excited to be working at Twilio with the chance meet new people. I last worked at another startup that does cloud based sales software. I’ve always been a huge fan of new technology so it is awesome to… Read More