12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 6: Twilio Plays 2048


Today for the #12HacksOfChristmas we’re featuring a game that was built at the Hack the North hackathon in Waterloo, ON. Tejas Manohar, Jocelyn Lee and Cheng Wanli Peng won the Twilio prize, and our hearts, with their Twilio Plays 2048 project. If you can’t tell from the name, this hack lets you play the highly addictive game 2048 with the whole world using text messages. Not only… Read More

How To Set Up GitHub Activity SMS Alerts


Building a community around a new open source project is a tall order. Immediate feedback is critical when a collaborating developer opens a pull request on your GitHub project. One key component to a healthy repository community I’ve learned over the past year is to comment on and merge pull requests as soon as they are opened. The short feedback loop allows other developers to feel… Read More

Open Source Tools for Nonprofits: Twilio.org Github Launches with Rapid Response Kit

In disaster recovery situations communications technologies are essential for rescue teams in the field, people in need of help, or connecting with family members to make sure they are ok. Many times these tools are built on the spot based on needs and sometimes the final apps aren’t deployed in time for the people that really need them. What if there were simple tools that any… Read More

Seattle Hacks – Using Github Pages and Jekyll To Finally Create The Noiseless Hacker Calendar

After about a year of working for Twilio as a Developer Evangelist in Seattle, I was still having trouble answering simple, recurring questions: What are the best developer meetups in Seattle? Are there any cool hackathons or conferences coming up? Why do developers love bacon so much? These are questions asked by developers and should be answered by developers. So some friends and I got together… Read More

Webhook Notification App Lerner Takes Top Twilio Prize at DevFest 2012

Last month, Columbia University students embarked on a week of development-focused events around building apps with real-life potential during DevFest 2012. We saw a ton of awesome hacks from the week but one twilio-powered developer, Zhehao Mao, took home the award for “Best Use of Twilio API” with his webhook notification app Lerner. Read more about the top apps developed from the week in this article by… Read More

Coast To Coast: Hanging Out at CodeConf & HackNY This Weekend

A Weekend of Code at Github’s CodeConf – Rahim Sonawalla @rahims This weekend Github threw its first conference, CodeConf. The theme was social coding, and 300 developers came from all over the nation to meet and talk about everything from CSS optimization to the the debate over whether code is literature. The speakers were varied in their field of expertise, but all of them were united… Read More

Announcing the OpenVBX iPhone App for Users on the Go

Last year, Twilio released OpenVBX to help developers build rich web-based voice communications applications. Today, we’re happy to announce an open-source iPhone app to accompany OpenVBX for mobile users on the go. Use OpenVBX for the iPhone to enjoy the same great features as the web app, on the go! Listen to voice mail across all your inboxes, assign message to your coworkers, and return calls and… Read More

Twilioflow – Using State Machines for Twilio Call Flows

Dhananjay Keskar has released Twilioflow on github; it’s a Rails plugin for state machine driven interactions with Twilio. Twilioflow provides: A Workflow approach for keeping your business logic inside models Concise Ruby way for specifying voice responses and key press actions within states Clean and RESTful controllers that understand Twilio requests Automatic generation of TwiML based on current interaction state HTML scaffolding to quickly test your… Read More

Twilio Starter Kit for the Zend Framework by Michael Kimsal

Thank you to Michael Kimsal, who created a starter kit for developers using Twilio with the Zend Framework for PHP.  As he announced on the Twilio Developers Network on LinkedIn: I was putting together some sample code for an upcoming presentation, and decided building it on top of zfkit made it possibly a bit more understandable to people looking to integrate twilio with a framework like… Read More