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  • By Kenneth Ekandem
    How to Create a Restful CRUD API in PHP Using Laravel and Google Firebase How to Create a Restful CRUD API in PHP Using Laravel and Google Firebase

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a RESTful CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) API with Laravel that stores its data in a Firebase realtime database.

    What is Firebase?

    Google Firebase is a Google-backed application development platform that enables developers to develop iOS, Android, and Web-based applications. Firebase provides tools for tracking analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, creating marketing and product experiments, and much more.

    So, without wasting time, let us dive in.


    1. PHP 7.4, though ideally 8.1.
    2. Composer installed globally.
    3. jq.
    4. Prior experience with Laravel.
    5. A text editor such as Visual Studio Code or an IDE such as PhpStorm.
    6. A Google account.

    Install and set up the Laravel application

    To begin, you first have to install a Laravel application and run it on your local development machine.

    To do that, in your terminal, run the command …

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  • By Justin Young
    Connect Twilio Flex Digital Channels to Google Dialogflow CX Flex dialogflow banner

    By the end of this blog post, you should be able to connect to your Dialogflow CX bot with any digital channel in Twilio Flex. We’ll focus on SMS here, but the same concepts can be applied for any digital channel.


    Before we can get started, you’ll have to create – or log into – a few accounts. We’ll also install Twilio’s CLI to speed development along.

    1. If you haven't yet, set up a Twilio account
    2. Set up your Google Cloud project
      1. Create a project
      2. Enable billing
      3. Enable the API (choose "No, I'm not using them" under "Are you planning to use this API with App Engine or Compute Engine?")
      4. Set up a Service Account and create a key file by navigating to the Key tab on your newly created Service Account page (json)
    3. Set up a Twilio Flex Project (click here to create a new one)
    4. Install …
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  • By Funke Olasupo
    Send Emails In Laravel 8 Using Gmail's SMTP Server Send Emails In Laravel Using Gmail's SMTP Server(1).png

    Sending email has become an essential part of modern web applications. For example, they are a great way to communicate with users, when they register, when verifying registrations, and when resetting passwords.

    So in this tutorial, you will learn how to send emails in Laravel using a Gmail SMTP server.


    To follow this tutorial you need the following:


    In certain circumstances, your local server may not send emails when using the default PHP mail() method, or it may make it quite problematic to do so. In such scenarios, using a dedicated email library, such as Symfony's Mailer component, can be a practical alternative.

    You could also use one of the many email drivers which Laravel supports, including Mailgun, Amazon SES, and Postmark, and of course, Twilio's own SendGrid. However, …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Como usar o Google Sheets como um banco de dados para seu app PHP Como usar o Google Sheets como um banco de dados para seu app PHP


    Há doze anos, o Google teve, na minha opinião, a ideia ambiciosa de lançar um produto que estaria em concorrência direta com o Excel. Desde então, o Google Sheets ganhou popularidade e tornou-se muito mais do que apenas uma planilha. Por ser um aplicativo on-line, é muito mais fácil integrá-lo às suas diferentes ferramentas on-line. Neste tutorial, testaremos a flexibilidade do Sheets buscando dados da API do Order Desk, atualizando uma planilha do Google e enviando uma confirmação da Twilio via SMS. Usaremos o Order Desk para simular um sistema de atendimento de uma loja virtual, que faz o backup de seus dados em uma planilha do Google.

    Requisitos do tutorial

    Para este tutorial, você precisará do seguinte:

    Configuração do ambiente de desenvolvimento

    Para começar, …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Como enviar uma mensagem SMS de uma planilha do Google Como enviar uma mensagem SMS de uma planilha do Google

    O Google Sheets vem com uma linguagem baseada em JavaScript chamada Apps Script. Neste tutorial, usaremos o Apps Script para enviar mensagens SMS para números de telefone armazenados em uma planilha do Google. As etapas levam menos de dez minutos para serem concluídas, mesmo que você nunca tenha escrito uma linha de código.

    Você também pode estar interessado em Como limpar e validar números de telefone em uma planilha do Google. Com este tutorial, você pode descobrir quais números de telefone em sua planilha podem receber uma mensagem de texto antes de tentar enviá-la.

    Os bits da Twilio

    Você precisará de uma conta gratuita da Twilio. Se não tiver uma conta gratuita, cadastre uma aqui. Você pode fazer tudo isso neste tutorial com uma conta de avaliação, embora haja restrições quanto ao envio de mensagens de texto apenas para seu celular. (Se você atualizar sua conta, $ …

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  • By Lenore Files
    Twilio Programmable VoiceとGoogle Dialogflow ES版のワンクリック連携が可能に Twilio <VirtualAgent> One-click Integration with Google Dialogflow ES


    弊社はこのたび、Twilio <VirtualAgent>のパブリックベータ版を発表いたしました。これはTwilio Programmable VoiceとGoogle Dialogflow Essentials (ES)のTwilioネイティブ連携です。対話型AI機能をTwilio Programmable Voiceコールにシームレスに取り入れ、Twilio IVRから多機能で自然な通話ができるようになります。Google Dialogflow ES管理画面においてワンクリック型テレフォニー連携の提供パートナーとしてTwilioを選択すると、Twilioから払い出された電話番号とDialogflow ESエージェントとをクリック操作一回で関連付け、対話型IVRを実現できます。

    TwilioがDialogflow ESとTwilio <VirtualAgent>をワンクリック連携する以前は、企業が対話型IVRを構築するために、Twilio Media Streamsを利用して未加工の状態の通話音声にアクセスし、自社でホストするアプリケーションにストリーミングしていました。このデータがさらにDialogflowにストリーミングされ、自然言語理解における“意図”(Intent)が検出されます。Dialogflowは意図を含むメタデータに加えてアプリケーションへオーディオストリームを返し、このストリームはTwilioにストリーミングされ、最終的には通話の発信者に届きます。この連携の構築と維持に貴 …

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  • By Lenore Files
    Announcing Twilio Programmable Voice One-Click Integration with Google Dialogflow Essentials Twilio <VirtualAgent> One-click Integration with Google Dialogflow ES

    We’re excited to announce the Public Beta launch of Twilio <VirtualAgent>, Twilio’s native integration between Twilio Programmable Voice and Google Dialogflow Essentials (ES). With this integration, you can seamlessly bring the power of conversational AI to your Twilio Programmable Voice calls to provide rich and natural caller experiences within your Twilio IVR. With Twilio available as a one-click telephony partner, delivering conversational IVR is as easy as connecting your Twilio phone number(s) to your Dialogflow ES Agents with a click.

    Before Twilio’s one-click integration with Dialogflow ES powered by Twilio <VirtualAgent>, businesses wanting to build a conversational IVR leveraged Twilio Media Streams to access raw audio from a phone call, stream it to an app that they built and hosted, which streamed it to Dialogflow to detect intent. Dialogflow responded with an audio stream back to the app which then streamed it back to Twilio and finally to the …

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  • By Susan Lucas Collins
    Twilio partners with Google and Apple to stop COVID-19 with Exposure Notifications Exposure Notifications Header

    One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, with multiple vaccines getting approved in countries around the world. At the same time, global infection rates are near all time highs due to winter seasonality, emerging virus variants, lockdown fatigue, and challenges in public compliance with public health guidelines.

    While there’s good reason for optimism as vaccine distribution accelerates, inoculating 7 billion people will take time. That’s why it’s still essential that we take all available precautionary measures now and in the months to come. It’s also why Twilio is partnering with Google and Apple to power SMS messaging for Exposure Notifications.

    Contact tracing that protects your privacy

    Exposure Notifications is an open source API framework for contact tracing. The software uses Bluetooth to anonymously track human proximity and notify people if they are exposed to COVID-19.

    Here’s how it works. Using short strings …

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  • By Len Shneyder
    The Google BIMI Pilot Is Here! Google BIMI Pilot

    In January of this year, Twilio became a part of the Authindicators working group, joining numerous other entities in the email ecosystem including Google, Yahoo!, Comcast, Valimail, and Validity in an effort to bring Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) to life. BIMI is a standard that attempts to increase the wide adoption of email authentication in the ecosystem while simultaneously providing senders with a way to provide their customers with a more immersive experience.

    With two of the three biggest North American free mailbox providers, as well as one of the largest ISP's committing to supporting the development of the standard, the importance of BIMI is abundantly clear and we wanted to ensure that we brought BIMI to the community of senders that view email as a crucial communication tool. This couldn’t be more true today as the global community struggles with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 …

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  • By Godwin Agedah
    How to Track the Conversion Rate of Incoming SMS via a Link Using Google Analytics twilio-sms-tracking-google-analytics-cover-photo.png

    You have succeeded in sending a bulk SMS to all your customers to buy your shiny new product, via a link in an SMS. How do you check how many of your customers interacted with the link? We can do this using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and report website traffic.

    Technical Requirements

    For this tutorial, we will only need a hosted website with a domain.

    Creating a Google Analytics account

    To create a Google Analytics account go to the URL here and log in with your Google account.

    Obtain Tracking ID

    The tracking ID is a unique set of characters in the form of UA-134276880-1 that enables tracking for your site. To obtain your unique tracking ID, …

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